Supacell plot hole

There’s a major plot hole in the final episode of Supacell and it ruins the whole show

We need answers

Netflix has a hit on its hands with the new superhero show Supacell – and if you’re anything like me you probably absolutely blasted through it. I’m talking six episodes in a Saturday sesh binge, mate. Had to be done. And whilst overall I thought RAPMAN’s Supacell was an absolute blast – thrilling, likeable, good twists – there was one thing in the final episode that had me doubting why it couldn’t be fixed. And spoiler alert, quite a big thing. Turns out I wasn’t alone, with so many Supacell viewers fuming about the final episode plot hole and a lot of us needing urgent answers.

Spoilers ahead – but here is why the plot hole in the Supacell final episode got us all riled up, and how it might be explained by some viewers on Reddit who think there are some answers.

It’s of course to do with THAT shocking death

In the final of Supacell, the shocking moment that literally left me in tears comes near the climax when Michael’s lovely fiancée Dionne gets shot by a stray bullet and dies. But Michael has the power of going back in time and has done so at other pivotal moments in the show and then redone the events in order for a better outcome. Although when Dionne gets shot and dies, he doesn’t do it. The plot hole comes from the fact nobody knows why he doesn’t just use his powers to avoid the death. No reason is really given.

Some fans on Reddit were discussing why Michael didn’t go back in time to save Dionne, and the reason seems to be that he didn’t have enough juice left in the tank to use his abilities. His eyes do flicker a bit, and because he previously jumped back in time before to save all the group from dying it seems he was running on empty. He also has not yet got a full control of his abilities, and when he goes back after Tazer stabbed him in an earlier episode it was accidental.

Rapman also got asked by Netflix Tudum whether Dionne was actually dead or if she could still come back. Rapman said “There’s no coming back from the dead in this show.”

That’s that, then!

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