Love Island 2024 movie night

Ranking who in the Love Island villa is most evil after all the post Movie Night week of chaos

My heart has been broken about 600 times

If there’s one night of momentous upset that will leave the Love Island villa in evil tatters, it is the dreaded movie night episode. And for Love Island 2024, despite some changes to the format, it was gut wrenching business as usual with huge drama, exposés and tears aplenty. It’s been an overwhelmingly chaotic week – with the recouplings from Casa Amor still freshly tearing wounds in the Islanders and then the Love Island Film Festival storms in to give us this year’s Movie Night and leave things even worse than they were before. Not everyone has come out of Love Island 2024 Movie Night looking very favourable, and that’s putting it lightly.

Here’s a rundown of all the Islanders in Love Island 2024, ranked by how despicably evil I deem them after the Movie Night chaos ruined lives and hearts once again.

The completely and utterly angelic

19, 18. Uma and Mimii

Words cannot even describe how much I worship at the altar of these two angels. Anything bad that must be said about the Islanders will never apply to them. They’ve been put through the bloody ringer. Even writing about them gets me edging on the verge of tears. MY robbed queens.

Uma leaving is the nail in the coffin of weeps for me. I can’t take it.

17. Ciaran

From ITV

We actually need to free Ciaran from the shackles of Nicole, who at this point is seconds away from shouting at him for kissing a girl in high school before he even knew Nicole existed. He is a trooper, honestly.

16, 15. Konnor and Emma

They’re just sort of there. Wish them both well in their meaningless endeavours.

14. Grace

I’ve become a bit of a Grace stan the last few weeks, truth be told. Don’t know where it’s come from but I’m happy that it has. I just think she’s handled all the post-Joey stuff incredibly and I’ve really warmed to her.

13. Matilda

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Love her. Need her to just bail on Sean because he makes me want to shrivel up and die and she does not.

The not evil but not great bunch

12. Jessica 

She’s evil by association. Even though I don’t blame her for fancying Ayo and being a Casa bombshell, watching the ramifications of her pursuits just makes me sad even though I blame Ayo and not her. I need her to denounce Ayo.

11. Jessy

I dunno man, I rate Jessy but how anyone can still be into Joey Essex after the way he’s carried on in the villa is actually beyond me. I’d simply have to bin him off.

10. Hugo

Not really done anything evil but I can sense the insidious energy inside this man and I will be watching him closely.

9, 8. Reuben and Josh

Love Island 2024 movie night

From ITV
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Seem like nice enough fellas but you’re inherently evil if you actually shout “Love Island 2024”! We’re over a month into this, my dude. You can get away with that on day one if I’m feeling generous but I’m really going to need you to can it.

7. Blade

Just useless.


6. Wil

Having to lowkey give him some redemption because after last night I am still down bad for him but what he has done to the villa dynamics is beyond belief and Uma should have won the show. End of.

5. Nicole

Honestly I just do not think she has the capability and trust needed to enter a relationship with someone because clearly things that should not make her spiral with jealousy and worry are making her do so. It is not fair on any party involved.

4. Jess

Love Island 2024 movie night

From ITV

She is the prize, if the prize in question is making me cringe into oblivion. She got off very lightly for the exposé of her ways in the Movie Night screening if you ask me. Too pick me for words.

3. Joey

Has anyone had such a lame fall from Grace (pun intended) than Joey Essex? Used to love him pre Love Island but has carryon in the villa has just gone from bad to badder and feel like he’s going to be deeply embarrassed when he watches it back. I would be. Even when watching the footage back he can’t even just own up to his own misgivings. Mess.

2. Sean

The abysmal sweets just make me so angry I can’t even tell you. Bouncing off the walls with candy infused rage. How is this man getting away with it?

1. Ayo

Don’t talk to me.

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