‘You’re not the prize you’re a bully’: Diamanté slates Jess as ex Islanders rush to defend her

Diamanté made comments in an interview which ex Islanders have called ‘disgusting’

It’s all kicking off outside the villa, as dumped Casa Amor Islander Diamanté Laiva has gone onto a radio interview and branded Love Island 2024 cast member Jess a “bully”. Now, ex-Islanders are jumping to defend Jess over the statements made.

Diamanté and Jess didn’t exactly get off to a good start in the villa. During the Casa Amor recoupling, Diamanté appeared to laugh at Wil not recoupling and choosing Uma, before it was revealed he had been speaking to and getting to know other girls. Jess then told her “it’s not really funny is it” and Diamanté responded “Jess don’t even,” before Jess called Diamanté “mean”.

“I’m not laughing at that, you’re one to talk just leave me alone please,” was how Diamanté clapped back to Jess at the time, hinting at Jess getting backlash for how she’s navigated some of the situations with the girls in the villa.

But now she has gone a step further, and in an interview with KissFM has branded Jess as “not the prize” as she keeps calling herself in the villa, but instead said she’s a “bully” who “needs to stop bullying people.” This comment hasn’t gone down well with ex-Islanders, who have branded the interview “disgusting” given how much slack Islanders get as soon as they leave the villa.


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During the interview, alongside fellow dumped Casa Amor Islander Ruby Dale, Diamanté said: “If Jess was here right now, I’d sit myself in my seat, and I would just tell her, ‘Listen, you’re not the prize you’re a bully. You need to stop bullying people because it’s not a good look.’

“I don’t know if she feels like doing this is giving her props, making her feel like the big girl. But the girls in the villa are intimidated by Jess and I don’t think that’s a good dynamic to have when you’re supposed to be getting along with people. You’re just being a bully.”

Winter Love Island 2023 Islander Olivia Hawkins has clapped back at the comments made by Diamanté, and branded it “disgusting” for someone to come off the show and talk about a fellow Islander that way.

Diamanté calls Jess from Love Island 2024 a bully

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“So disgusted by this interview, calling someone a ‘bully’ on a big radio show can be so detrimental,” Liv said. “There’s definitely better ways you can articulate yourself. Jess and other Islanders don’t deserve the nasty comments they’re getting. Let’s not add fuel to the fire…especially someone who’s been on the show and knows how it can be coming out.”

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