One Day hidden meaning

There’s a hidden meaning in these bed shots of Emma and Dex, and it’s adorable

Just when we thought we couldn’t love them anymore

There are loads of hidden easter eggs and symbolism in One Day. Whether it’s the hidden meaning behind St Swithin’s Day and how it foreshadowed Emma’s tragic death or the music in episode two giving clues to the ending, the minds behind the show that made everyone weep are incredible.

But now, it turns out there’s hidden meaning in the overhead shots of Dex and Emma in bed in episode 13 and it’s really adorable but also kind of sad. As if we needed any more trauma from this show.

Posting on Instagram, someone who works on the show shared the meaning behind these shots in the penultimate episode.

Luke Snellin, a filmmaker who worked on One Day, said: “David Nicholls wrote episode 13 and he wrote the beautiful idea of the top shots that we return to year on year.

“I loved the notion that we all begin and end each day from our bed. A constant over time. We subtly changed the body language in each shot to reflect the story and gentle shift in tone. Jasmine disappears in the final frame and Emma and Dex are no longer facing one another.”

One Day hidden meaning

The constant over time that he speaks about is symbolic of Emma and Dex’s love also being there, constant over time. They’re all slightly different, with them cuddling in one, besides Dex’s daughter in another, but the love is always there.

But the fact that Emma is facing away from Dex in the final shot can be another instance of foreshadowing that she’s about to leave him. I can’t take this!

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