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These are the top 10 most undoubtedly evil Love Island boys of all time

If they have a square head it’s a big red flag

To put it simply, Love Island men are (almost always) trash. And after seven years of air time, endless Ofcom complaints, and numerous statements of concern from Women’s Aid and Refuge UK over their problematic behaviour, it’s about time we listed the top 10 most evil Love Island men of all time.

So, in no particular order, here are the biggest villains from all eight seasons of the show. Obv, there are many more than 10— but these are simply the worst you can get:

Michael (Season five)

The original member of Destiny’s Chaldish, Michael was actually sort of popular until he left Amber in emotional tatters by coupling up with Joanna in Casa Amor. That betrayal alone was bad, but the gaslighting he then put her through afterwards was even worse. Michael called Amber “catty”, “pathetic” and claimed they’d always had problems, despite never actually expressing any and, really, he just wanted something to excuse his shitty actions.

michael love island

Liam (Season seven)

Liam is another Islander we were all rooting for until he cheated in Casa Amor, lied about it, and was publicly outed by Lillie to Millie around the fire pit after their reunion. It was the face-to-face equivalent to a “hey girly, I know we don’t know each other but,” message on Instagram. And Millie was heartbroken.

Annoyingly, though, she still took Liam back AND they won the show together. A success he fundamentally didn’t deserve. Because, after just a year together, Liam and Millie split again and he’s already move on live on air on Celebs Go Dating. Nice.

liam reardon

The Alberti twins (Season one)

The Alberti twins pissed people off from the moment they entered the villa thanks to their ego and constant reminders that they were “Italian stallions”. The twins were judgemental, picky, and were constantly insulting the women on the show if they didn’t fancy them— especially Jess.

Luckily, they only lasted three days because they were really that insufferable.

alberti twins

Jordan (Season five)

Just two days after asking Anna to be his girlfriend, Jordan started cracking on with India and the mother of all arguments ensued. His loyalty was all over the shop and tbh it seemed like he was just trying to reach the final of the show. Well, karma came in the form of a text as he was dumped from the villa just moments after she ended their relationship.


Jonny (Season three)

When Jonny started spouting anti-feminist views everyone was terrified. “The majority of feminists, like REAL feminists, believe almost in like a slope towards them rather than towards men,” he claimed. “I don’t think it’s that,” Camilla, who he was coupled up with, corrected him. “But I think it’s difficult for men to see that there have been several generations which have been preferential towards men. And therefore to redress the balance, there has to be in some way an active movement towards equality.”

Shrugging off the political debate, Jonny then proceeded to crack on with new Islander Tyla in front of Camilla. So, who can say chivalry is dead.

jonny love island

Luca (Season eight)

Pretty much any time a jealous or controlling guy sees their partner talking to another man, they label the behaviour “muggy”. In season eight, this was Luca’s favourite word as he agonised over Gemma chatting to Billy on Mad Movies night. And, considering the fact he was the one egging all the boys in the villa to cheat in Casa Amor, the whole thing just reeked of double standards.

Luca’s family even issued a statement apologising for their son’s “insensitive behaviour”, saying that when he watches the episode back he’ll be “embarrassed and deeply apologetic”. His mum also gave him an earful when she visited him on parent’s weekend over how he treated Tasha.

luca love island

Tom (Season two)

Coupled up with the late Sophie Gradon, Tom was manipulative and controlling. He regularly lashed out at Sophie but then claimed he couldn’t cope with losing her as his girlfriend: “If you don’t want to lose me so bad, then why do you act like such a twat? Why do you treat me like shit, why do you speak to me like a piece of shit,” she questioned. “We had something amazing but you’ve literally pushed me so far away now, I literally couldn’t care less if you walked out the doors.”

tom powell

Adam (Season four and Season eight)

This man’s behaviour was so notorious being “Collarded” became an actual Love Island war wound. While he was on the show for season four, he coupled up with Kendall, Rosie, Zara and Darylle, and when he returned for season eight, Women’s Aid released a statement about him, describing his behaviour as “part of a pattern of gaslighting and emotional abuse”.

But it seemed like he’d really found love with Paige Thorne and maybe he really had changed and matured— until he was seen leaving McDonald’s with another girl late at night weeks after they’d left the Love Island villa. Hmm.

adam collard

Connor (Season six)

Fans actually compared Connor to Joe Goldberg from You thanks to the number of times he called Sophie Piper disrespectful. Despite having only been coupled up with her for a week, Connor kicked off when Sophie cheered when new bombshells Connagh and Finley entered the villa. And the jealousy didn’t stop there.

connor love island

Dami (Season eight)

Tbh, this one hurts the most to admit. Dami and Indiyah were so cute coupled up in the villa. But when it came to Casa Amor, Dami acted like a schoolboy, had a three way kiss, downplayed all of his behaviour once he was back in the villa and never really fully accepted culpability for his actions.

He was also Luca’s right hand man in treating Tasha horrendously and wouldn’t stop calling her fake even though her and Andrew were clearly the most stable relationship in the villa. So, so, uncalled for.

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