Only red beret girl herself could get full marks on this Matilda the Musical lyrics quiz



The new Matilda the Musical film, based on Roald Dahl’s book and adapted from the West End show, is an absolute hoot. Verrrry different from the classic 90s version but no less of an excellent film – plus the new musical, obviously, has songs. And of course, the Matilda songs are all absolute bangers.

From campy Miracle to tear-jerking My House to iconic Naughty – and who could possibly forget Revolting Children, which quite simply slaps? Throughout it all, Matilda, Miss Honey, Bruce Bogtrotter, and, of course, red beret girl, are there singing and dancing the whole way.

Matilda is all over TikTok, and the film is now on Netflix too. But how well did you pay attention to Matilda the Musical, and how well do you know all the lyrics to the songs? Take this quiz to put yourself to the test:

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