Aubrey Plaza stroke

Aubrey Plaza is the queen of unhinged interviews and these clips prove it

Jamie Laing and Spencer Matthews didn’t know what hit them

Aubrey Plaza loves to play surly and strange characters. April in Parks and Recreation, Harper in The White Lotus —she’s always unpredictable or intensely sarcastic. And it seems art has been imitating life because old TV interviews with Aubrey have gone viral on TikTok and they’re all truly unhinged.

Like, fans are now calling her the real life Wednesday Addams. That’s how dark and dead pan some of this satire has got. So, just in case you need any more convincing Aubrey Plaza is the most chaotic woman in showbiz, here is a list of all her most hectic decisions, including an unexpected cameo from Made In Chelsea‘s Jamie Laing and Spencer Matthews:

Aggressively blaspheming in front of a Christian 

“That’s actually kind of offensive”

Almost becoming a nun 

“My first job was in a convent. I was a receptionist. It’s called a portress. I answered the phones and it was mostly the shoe cobbler”

Going on the Today Show in full Christmas witch attire 

“I curse you all and have a happy holiday”


good morning to the Christmas Witch only 🔮 #aubreyplaza #todayshow

♬ original sound – TODAY Show

Popping off at her ex Michael Cera on the red carpet 

“There is so much sexual tension right now”

Absolutely roasting Jamie Laing and Spencer Matthews

“God I wish I was in the gym this morning. I wish I was in the gym right now. I wish I was anywhere else but in this chair.”


i love aubrey plaza sm hahahahahah #aubreyplaza

♬ original sound – BBC Radio 1

Claiming she sold her soul to the devil for some clothes

“This is the first time I’m wearing a long dress so suck it in America”

Making up facts when she worked on the TODAY Show

“I get paid to lie and it makes me happy”

Copying Elizabeth Olsen’s outfit at the Ingrid Goes West premiere

“I guess we have the same taste”

Sleeping with a dagger to protect herself

“Every week I do a shanking drill”

Stealing Will Ferrell’s MTV Movie award

“What is happening? Are you OK?”