Plan your uni house Christmas and we’ll tell you what degree you should’ve done

It’s all or nothing for a uni house Christmas

The Christmas experience in a uni house is unique, there’s no doubt about that: you’re either stuck with a bunch of Grinches who refuse to celebrate the season, or you’re with some of the most festive people you will ever meet. You’ll either all go to the Christmas markets together, joyously spending far too much money on a Yorkshire Pudding wrap, or there will be a total ban on Christmas music in the house. There’s no in between.

How people celebrate Crimbo tells you a lot about them. The over enthusiastic tinsel spreaders are bouncy and excitable, whereas the person who sticks a fake tree in their room with no decoration is only seen once a week when they emerge for food. Here’s what degree you should have done, based on how your uni house Christmas will go.

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