Nativity transformations: Here’s what the child cast of the iconic film look like now

I feel incredibly old

No film has ever summed up British culture, or what it’s like to be at primary school, better than Nativity. From arguing over who gets the best roles in the school play (if you were Mary, you’re an ultimate girl boss now) to feuding with the other local schools for literally no reason, all wrapped up in one sensational Christmassy parcel. What’s not to love about Nativity? But the thing about primary school is that you’re not there for very long, and eventually you grow up – and the children from the Nativity cast are now all grown up too. They’ve had some pretty dramatic transformations over the years and are now actual adults – and completely unrecognisable. Which is completely unsurprising, given that it was released in 2009.

This is what the cast of Nativity look like now and all the child cast’s transformations:

Crystal – Cadi Mullane

via Instagram @cadicinnamon

Crystal was one of the iconic stars of Mr Maddens’ Nativity. She was played by Cadi Mullane, who is now 22 and studying musical theatre. Her Insta is extremely good vibes and very wholesome, she had a Barbie themed 22nd birthday party. Love!

Sadie – Sydney Isitt-Ager

via Instagram @sydneyisitt_ager

Sadie, the girl who’s shy and tells Mr Maddens she doesn’t want to be in the show any more, was played by Sydney Isitt-Ager. She’s now 23 and has just been in a Netflix film, called Christmas on Mistletoe Farm.

Sydney’s Insta cool af, full of boujee outfits, holidays and drinks. She’s also possibly the original nepo baby, because her parents, Debbie Isitt and Nicky Ager, wrote all the music for Nativity. Her mum Debbie also directed and wrote the film, and her dad Nicky edited it.

Bob – Ben Wilby

via Instagram @benwilby__

Bob was the iconic Nativity character. Ben Wilby played him and is now 20 years old. The picture above is the one singular image on his Instagram – and he has two TikTok videos, both of which are just milking the fact he was in Nativity. Fairs, tbh.

William – Michael McAuley

via TikTok @michaelmcauleyy

Michael McAuley played William, the boy who Mr Maddens kidnaps/takes to Hollywood. He’s now 21 and his TikTok bio says he’s a “full time baddie”. Same, Michael. Like Bob, he’s also very much still milking the fact he was in Nativity on his social media.

Becky – Krista Hyatt

via TikTok @kristahyatt0

Krista Hyatt, who played Becky, has ditched the wig, and she’s now got blonde money pieces and a grey velvet room Molly-Mae would be jealous of. In 2008 Krista got to the final of Britain’s Got Talent in a dance duo called The Cheeky Monkeys, with a boy called Charlie Dixon – who was also in Nativity, playing a student at the posh rival school Oakmoor.

Sam – Maeve Dolan

via TikTok @maeve.d

Sam, who always wore a stripy hat, was played by Maeve Dolan. She’s now 21 and studying musical theatre at a London uni, as well as making TikToks about music and student life.

Beth – Ellie Coldicutt

via Instagram @elliecoldicutt

I was always so jel of the angel who sat on the moon in a sequin dress with tinsel hair. The 2022 Depop girlies would be proud of that ‘fit. Now Ellie Coldicutt, who played Beth, has graduated from UWE in Bristol and set up a clothing store. She also got ENGAGED last December!!

Alfie – Jake Pratt

via Instagram @jakespratt96

Alfie, the boy who gets in a fight with Oli because they both want to be Joseph, was played by Jake Pratt in Nativity. Now, Jake is 26, graduated from uni in Leeds a few years ago, and his entire Instagram is full of pics with his girlfriend, who you can also see here. After starring in the film, Jake was in West End shows including Billy Elliot and Matilda the Musical.

Zack – Tom McGarrity

via Instagram @tommcgarrity96

All the girls fancied Zack and Mr Poppy even compared him to Zac Efron. He was played by Tom McGarrity, who is now a performer and in the past few years has worked on cruise ships going as far as South Africa and Australia.

And finally, all of these Nativity stars now don’t have any public social media:

Oli – Brandon McDonald

TJ – Bernard Mensah

Neve – Milly Webb

Jade – Faye Dolan

If you were wondering where they are now, I don’t know either.

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