Introducing Kayla: The LA model turning heads in Too Hot To Handle season four

Yes, everyone fancies her

The fourth season of Too Hot To Handle has kicked off on Netflix, and from the very first episode it’s quite clear one woman catches the eye of pretty much everyone in the villa – Kayla. She’s absolutely stunning, naturally, as everyone on the show is, and everyone fancies her.

She’s a model and is definitely going to be one of the people who ends up with millions of Instagram followers after the show ends. So, here is absolutely everything you need to know about Kayla, as she joins the season four cast of Too Hot To Handle on Netflix.

Kayla Richart from season four of Too Hot To Handle on Netflix

via Instagram @kaylarichart

Too Hot To Handle cast member Kayla Richart is 22 and from LA

22-year-old Kayla is from Los Angeles, USA, and works as a model. Obviously! She was born in October 2000, so is a Libra, if you care about that sort of stuff.

Kayla Richart from season four of Too Hot To Handle on Netflix

via Instagram @kaylarichart

In her Too Hot To Handle bio, it’s said Kayla is ‘never short of attention’

Every Too Hot To Handle cast member gets a lil bio when they go on the show, and they’re usually quite cringe and sum up how much they love sex and are going to break Lana’s rules.

Kayla’s says: “You know that best friend you have that everyone fancies? Your brother… your cousin… all your friends – chances are they’d definitely shoot their shot with Kayla too! Beyond beautiful inside and out, she’s never short of attention and will have no issue treading on toes if she fancies someone. Kayla will feel like a kid in a candy store when she enters the retreat, but Lana will be desperate to show her the error of her ways.”

via Instagram @kaylarichart

Kayla is vegan, and loves to cook

Kayla is vegan, and clearly cooking is one of her hobbies. She has an Instagram highlight dedicated to her plant-based recipes, and her eating out at vegan places.

She has 49k followers on Instagram

Kayla Richart from season four of Too Hot To Handle on Netflix

via Instagram @kaylarichart

Right now, Kayla has just over 49k Instagram followers, but no doubt being on Too Hot To Handle is going to make this sky-rocket. “My friends say my intuition is never wrong, I think that’s my biggest flex,” her bio reads.

Her feed is very on brand for an influencer – it’s basically all vibey outfit shots mixed with pics of her from gorgeous holidays. If you want to follow Kayla, her handle is @kaylarichart.

Kayla also has over 60k on TikTok

Kayla’s TikTok is actually bigger than her Insta, with just over 60k followers. Just like her Instagram, it’s giving fashion influencer – she has a lot of get ready with me style videos and is always showing off her clothes.

Episodes one to five of Too Hot To Handle season four are available on Netflix now, and episodes six to 10 will be released on December 14th. For all the latest Netflix news, drops and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

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