Married at First Sight UK’s Mel Schilling said there’s ‘no formula’ to choosing the couples

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Married at First Sight UK dating expert Mel Schilling has finally revealed how the experts make the matches on the show. Out of the 34 couples who have been matched on Married at First Sight UK, only four are still together, which only highlights how wrong the experts must get when it comes to partnering up those who have applied. Married at First Sight UK’s Mel Schilling told The Sun how the matchmaking works, and how Paul C. Brunson and Charlene Douglas choose which individuals to put together.

The Married at First Sight UK producers give their input

Mel said that the matchmaking process is “pretty complex”. “It’s very much a collaborative process between the three of us experts and the production team, so we’re all coming at it from different perspectives,” she said.

When people apply for Married at First Sight UK, they apparently have to fill out a 500-word question questionnaire which covers different topics from their political and religious views, sexual history, likes, dislikes and the type of person they find attractive. Mel explained that she and the producers take a look at the forms.

Married at First Sight UK matchmaking

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She said: “I personally am very much about understanding a person’s values and their strengths and really look at what is likely to predict compatibility. And we put all of our information together and then it’s just a really in depth, robust discussion about all the pros and cons of a couple because, at the end of the day, there’s no formula, it’s an an exact science.”

Mel said they love pairing the couples together because they can “really get our teeth stuck into it.”

They often do disagree about what couples to make

Whiley enjoying the process of matchmaking, it can be difficult at times when the experts don’t all agree. Mel said that she and the other experts “come from such different backgrounds”, and so they all bring in a different perspective. “And that’s great, as it leads to come really interesting debates,” she added.

Married at First Sight UK matchmaking

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When matches don’t work out, the experts are disappointed

Just like a Married at First Sight UK mega fan, Mel also gets extremely invested in the series. She said: “I’m a bit like a crazy auntie there, watching along and hoping for the best but ripping my hair out and having a few tears when things don’t go well. For a while, I tried to not take it personally, but I realised that doesn’t work for me, so I do. I really do. I’m right there with them, both personally and professionally.”

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