Waterloo Road new season

The first look at the new season of Waterloo Road is out and it does not disappoint

Mark January 2023 in your calendars, because new Waterloo Road is coming!

Waterloo Road is back and no, we have not gone back in time, it’s really happening! At the beginning of 2022, BBC announced the much-loved school drama would be making a comeback along with some past faces from the OG seasons. The new season will see the return of Angela Griffin as Kim Campbell, Adam Thomas as Donte Charles and Katie Griffiths as Chlo Charles. It’s going to be iconic to say the least!

The BBC have now confirmed Waterloo Road will be back in January 2023, along with a first-look at the first episode and pictures of all the students, and I’m simply bursting at the seams with excitement! While you compose yourself over the return of Donte Charles, here is everything you need to know about the new season of Waterloo Road coming out next year:

Waterloo Road will return in January 2023, at the beginning of a new school year

The BBC have confirmed that the new Waterloo Road series will air in January 2023 on BBC One and BBC iPlayer. The season begins in unison with a new school year and life isn’t easy for the Waterloo Road teachers. A school riot ensues from what started as a peaceful protest, “and the events of the day will have huge ramifications for everyone involved.”

Waterloo Road new season

via BBC

The new season will cover a lot of important topics

Over the school term, the teachers and parents of the Waterloo Road students “are going to have to learn on their feet as they try to navigate the ever changing social landscape”. The series will cover issues like teen homelessness, the cost of living crisis, being LGBTQ+, racism, sexism, mental health and “everything else facing young teens today”.

via BBC

Along with Angela Griffin, Adam Thomas and Katie Griffiths, there are a load of new people joining the cast

Kym Marsh, best known for her role as Michelle Connor is Coronation Street will be joining the series as Nicky Walters. The cast also includes Vincent Jerome, James Baxter, Jo Coffey, Shauna Shim, Neil Fitzmaurice, Rachel Leskovac, Katherine Pearce, Ryan Clayton and Sonia Ibrahim. 16 new faces will also be joining the cast as the pupils of Waterloo Road.

I demand a trailer right this minute!

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