1899 Netflix ending explained

Netflix’s 1899 is a slog, so here’s the full ending explained if you cba getting to the end

Just give us the twist and get on with it!

1899 is the latest show Netflix has decided to burn our head outs with, and seeing as though it’s the latest project from the team behind the acclaimed German headscratcher Dark it’s no surprise. 1899 is sitting firmly in the top 10 Netflix charts, but the critical response has been mixed to say the least. Polygon said “Netflix’s 1899 fails where Dark succeeded”, and The Guardian went with “This painfully slow sci-fi show is absolutely agonising” in a savage two star review. Hardly the kind of feedback that makes you want to sign away nine hours, so here’s the full ending explained of 1899 on Netflix.

Because, y’know, we all want the twist without having to sacrifice hours of our life for a slow show. Nobody’s got time for that, it’s nearly Christmas for god’s sake!

Right, what’s it actually all about then?

1899 is about a group of passengers on a ship called the Kerberos, heading to Europe from America. The ship goes off course when it finds another ship that’s been missing for four months, as the Kerberos heads to see if there are any survivors. But, as you probably expected, the whole show is about nothing to do with that in the end. Lol!

The big final twist ending of 1899 on Netflix explained

Trying to explain one of the most head burning, exhausting endings in recent TV history is extremely arduous, but I’m going to give it my best shot.

Basically, Henry shows up and suggests to Elliot that Maura is fooling him, and everyone else, all along. Henry implies that Elliot might actually be dead, and he’s just a digital recreation in a simulation.

Captain Eyk then goes to Maura on the Kerberos and confronts her, where she says that her memory is muddled but the reason that no one can remember even boarding the Kerberos in the first place is because, yep, it is all indeed a simulation. Maura and Eyk go and find a secret passageway, and Daniel takes control of an electrical panel and distorts the ship more with all that black stuff.

This throws all the passengers into different simulations, with Daniel essentially putting a virus into the simulation to mess it all up. Daniel then goes to mad lengths to bust Maura out of the simulation so she can put an end to it all, and they find the exit code hidden within her wedding ring. Henry, Maura and Daniel aren’t in charge of the simulation after all – Maura’s brother is. And it’s up to her to stop him!

Maura wakes up in the real world, strapped into a bed alongside all the other people who are passengers in the simulation, and they’ve all got shady pasts – eg, murder. The camera then zooms out and reveals that they’re actually all flying through space on a ship called the Prometheus. And that has nothing to do with the Alien prequel before anyone pipes up!

And that’s it. Honestly feel like I’ve just done 20 rounds of University Challenge.

1899 is streaming now on Netflix, if the ending explained didn’t melt your brain. For all the latest Netflix news, drops, quizzes and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

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