I'm A Celebrity banned items

All the truly bizarre items the I’m A Celeb 2022 cast are banned from bringing into camp

They can only bring in three pairs of underwear omg

There currently 11 campmates in the I’m A Celebrity jungle, roughing it up with literally zero luxuries they would’ve had if they were on the outside world. I’m A Celebrity is known for its strict rules on contraband and what the celebrities are allowed to bring into the jungle with them, but even that list is the shortest one you’ll find in a mile so it isn’t even worth talking about. So, here are all the truly bizarre items the I’m A Celebrity 2022 contestants are banned allowed to bring into the jungle:


Celebrities are only permitted to wear the clothing provided to them by ITV. There is a strict rule on how many items of underwear they can bring in though. Celebrities are allowed to bring in three sets of underwear and three sets of swimwear into camp with them. Former contestant Rita Simons told This Morning she smuggled in extra pairs of underwear during her time in the jungle.

I'm A Celebrity banned items

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Makeup is completely banned on the show

The celebrities are allowed to bring in a select amount of luxury items that can provide the comfort they need while in the jungle. Charlene White, who is currently in the jungle, said she was having beauty treatments done before entering the camp as she prepared to go makeup free. She said: “As you can see I have had my hair done, I have had my brows done, they are still a bit sore. I have had stuff done to my lashes. I have done what young people do when it comes to wandering around with no makeup.

Messages from their family members

It may seem harsh but the rules are that the celebs are not allowed to bring in any words of encouragement or support from their family members. It makes sense as to why most celebs say they will do secret signals while being filmed to show their family they are thinking of them.

I'm A Celebrity banned items

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Cycling shorts

Yes, you read that correctly. Former I’m A Celeb winner Giovanna Fletcher said she was banned from bringing in her cycling shorts into the castle when it was filmed in Wales. A true tragedy.


You would have thought this was Love Island for a moment. Clocks and watches are all banned in the jungle but former contestant Victoria Derbyshire said the cast have an idea of the time due to the “running order” of the show. She said: “The trial takes place after Ant and Dec have come into the castle, live, to announce who the public has voted for.” She explained that the person who goes to do the trial “doesn’t arrive back until midnight” and then food gets delivered at some point after that.

Are they sure they’re not on Love Island? This sounds like a recoupling ceremony if I’ve ever seen one.

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Salt and pepper

I don’t know whether to laugh or feel for how bland their meals must be. The campmates are banned from spicing up their meals and as such salt and pepper is banned from the jungle. When Cliff Parisi went on the show back in 2019 but of course they were removed.

Pens, paper and books

Pens and paper are not permitted to be brought into the jungle as the producers don’t want anyone to be able to communicate without the cameras seeing. In order to prevent the celebs from becoming distracted, they aren’t allowed to bring in books with them.

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Executive producer Olly Nash said: “You wouldn’t have books, you won’t have anything like a game of chess. So you wouldn’t have anything that could be distracting, part of this game is making sure that you are creating reality and having a chat with other people and doing stuff and dealing with the boredom.”


Comfort is not key when it comes to I’m A Celebrity. The stars are not allowed to bring anything fluffy like a pillow, into the jungle. Back in 2020, Strictly star AJ Pritchard tried to sneak in a pillow which had a photo of his girlfriend Abbie Quinnen printed on it, but was caught.

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