From 24 hours to five months: A brief history of Love Island’s shortest relationships

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Love Island couples really go through savage breakups. Last year we saw Gemma Owen and Luca Bish from Love Island 2022 break up after a mere three months together. As a result they landed themselves a place in the history books for Love Island’s shortest relationships of all time.But who is sitting amongst them? Well, we’ve got Anna and Jordan who lasted a pathetic 24 hours and Danica and Jamie from season eight who lasted about the same amount of time as a denim photoshoot.

Anyway, here’s a rundown of the shortest Love Island relationships of all time.

Anna Vakili and Jordan Hames – 24 hours

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We all know what happened between Anna and Jordan in season five and just how explosive that way. At the time Anna said she was left heartbroken by Jordan after he confessed his feelings for India, just one day after asking to go official with Anna. It was tragic but it also gave us one of the most iconic Love Island moments in history so I’m not mad about it.

Mary Bedford and Aaron Simpson – not even until Aftersun

Love Island: Mary and Aaron plan dates and say who they want to win

Mary Bedford and Aaron Simpson came sixth place in season six and whilst they left the villa as a couple, it’s been said they didn’t make it home as one. During their appearance on Aftersun, Mary friendzoned Aaron calling him her best friend.

Danica Taylor and Jamie Allen – Less than a month

Danica and Jamie become first Love Island 2022 couple to split

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God, you do a double denim photoshoot with someone and you think you’ll be together forever. Danica Taylor twerked her way into the heart of the nation and Jamie Allen’s only to go their separate ways after a few weeks from leaving the villa. How did the public find out they split, I hear you ask? She was papped kissing Roman Hackett from The Only Way Is Essex – an icon.

Montana Brown and Alex Beattie – One month

Love Island pair Montana Brown and Alex Beattie end romance just days after leaving villa | The Sun

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Montana and Alex split back in 2017 after one month together post Love Island. At the time Montana put it down to the relationship not being the same outside of the villa and he put up a statement on his Instagram story explaining his side. He admitted: “It’s been very hard on the outside to make us work how we desired. I still have strong feelings towards her and will be remaining close friends and supporting her throughout everything.”

Samira Mighty and Frankie Foster – One month

Love Island's Frankie Foster bedded blonde beauty hours before reuniting with Samira Mighty in touching on-screen moment | The Sun

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Samira and Frankie met during season four where Samira wasn’t lucky in love at the star of her time on Love Island. She coupled up with Frankie, but soon after he was voted off the show. Samira then walked out of the villa wanting to reunite with him as he was waiting at Gatwick airport for her – very romantic.

However there were then allegations Frankie has sex with a girl he met in a club just hours before meeting Samira at the airport. Amid all the cheating claims, it was announced Samira dumped Frankie in mid-August that year. Less than one month after she went home from the villa.

Amber Gill and Greg O’Shea – One month

Love Island's Amber Gill and Greg O'Shea have broken up

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Amber Gill and Greg O’Shea were the season five winners. They coupled up late in the fifth season but still won over our hearts and claimed the majority of the votes. Amber and Greg only lasted one month though after leaving the villa and are officially the shortest lasting couple to win the show ever.

Jess Hayes and Max Morley  – 40 days

Love Island winners: How long did all the couples last together?

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The first Love Island winners, Jess Hayes and Max Morley split just 40 days after the final. After returning to the UK after Love Island season one, the pair were pictured in an explosive argument outside a London hotel.

Jess Gale and Ched Uzor – One and a half months

Love Island's Jess and Ched confirm they've split in lockdown - Daily Record

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It’s easy to forget about Jess and Ched being a couple. They were finalists in the winter season of Love Island and they left together but things didn’t last long due to lockdown forcing it to fizzle out.

Belle Hassan and Anton Danyluk – Two months

Belle and Anton split: Love Island 2019 couple have broken up

Anton and Belle were easily one of the more dramatic couples to come out of Love Island season five. They had huge arguments all the time in the villa and you were a fool if you thought they’d last as a couple. They were together for 30 days in the villa before getting dumped. Five weeks later, Belle was reportedly sick of how much partying Anton had been doing. The couple reportedly split after a picture of him came out of him having a lot of fun in Ibiza.

Laura Anderson and Paul Knopps – Two and a half months

Love Island's Paul allegedly had a girlfriend the entire time he was with Laura!!!

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In the villa Laura had struggled with her relationship with Wes Nelson and Jack Fowler. However it was love at first sight when she met Paul Knopps in Casa Amor. They came second in season four but still ended things two months down the line from leaving the villa. Laura later said they split due to their schedules conflicting and the spark died.

Gemma Owen and Luca Bish – Two months

Love Island: Luca Bish's bold gesture amid coupling up with Gemma Owen | Metro News

Anyone who thought Gemma and Luca would go the distance was a fool. The couple only went official back in August this year so they’re getting a two monther instead of three. Gemma posted on Instagram: “It wasn’t an easy decision but ultimately this is what is best for both of us right now. Many of you have been on this journey with us from the very beginning, and I want to thank you for your continued support as we start new chapters.”

Kaz Kamwi and Tyler Cruickshank – Three months

Love Island's Kaz and Tyler in fourth place as fans threaten Ofcom complaints - Mirror Online

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Kaz and Tyler were finalists from 2021 and the first couple from their season to breakup. It was never fully explained why the pair split but Kaz said in a YouTube video on her channel that she felt she “wasn’t appreciated” by Tyler.

Danny Williams and Jourdan Riane – Four months

Love Island's Jourdan breaks silence after dumping Danny Williams

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In 2019 Danny Williams chose violence as he brought Jourdan Riane back from Casa Amor, resulting in Arabella to be dumped. Danny and Jourdan were then dumped from the villa on day 25 and then moved into a house together. But fourth months down the line they announced their split. Sources claimed Jourdan has been receiving DMs from fans that he was flirting with other girls on nights out.

Demi Jones and Luke Mabbot – Four months

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Demi Jones and Luke Mabbot came third on 2020’s Winter Love Island. They left the villa as a couple however things only lasted four months before the pair broke things off. In a YouTube video on her channel Demi addressed the pair’s breakup which apparently started with him calling her up and saying he “needed to end it now.” Big yikes!

Amber Davies and Kem Cetinay – Six months

Love Island 2018: Amber Davies is really not happy about the Kem Cetinay and Kendall rumours

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Despite winning season three, Kem and Amber broke things off pretty quickly outside of the villa. They argued quite a lot in the villa and split up briefly after Kem kissed Chyna. After leaving Love Island though, they did everything together and even hosted Good Morning Britain for a whole week – what a slog. They moved in together after calling it a day when it was reported they argued loads over little things.

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