Didn’t get a Glastonbury 2023 ticket? Here’s an exhaustive list of all your options

12. Perform at Glastonbury 2023 x

The morning of Glastonbury ticket day was eventful for everyone. Whether that was because you got your tickets or because your blood pressure rose everytime See Tickets posted a tweet about how many tickets were left. But for a lot of people, they were unlucky in acquiring tickets for the highly anticipated festival. However, there are a fair few options for those who didn’t manage to tickets that a lot of people aren’t aware of.

Here are all the ways you can get Glastonbury tickets if you didn’t manage to first time round:

1. More tickets will go on sale in Spring 2023

Emily Eavis confirmed that in Spring next year, people can try again for tickets. After the sell out of Glastonbury 2023, Emily posted a tweet and said: “Although we are thrilled that so many of you want to come to next year’s Glastonbury, we’re sorry that a huge number of people missed out on a ticket this morning – because demand for outstripped supply. Thank you to everyone who tried to buy a ticket. Your loyalty to this festival is deeply appreciated. There will be a ticket resale in Spring 2023, so if you didn’t get one, please do try again then.”

The ticket resale will be for any tickets that become available from people deciding to cancel or return their Glastonbury tickets.

2. Hospitality tickets go on sale in February 2023

A number of hospitality tickets will be available to purchase for those working in the music industry and the media. A statement on the Glastonbury website says: “Applications to purchase hospitality tickets will open in February 2023. As with standard admission tickets, hospitality tickets are subject to the Festival’s Photography Policy and Broadcaster Internet and Filming Policy. For more information please contact the hospitality team.”

How to get Glastonbury 2023 tickets

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3. Sincura Tickets are selling VIP tickets for Glastonbury 2023

Sincura Tickets are a company that sells VIP tickets, hospitality, accomodation and backstage passes. Sincura’s VIP tickets will give you access to the festival as a whole including access to the VIP areas, premium views of the mainstage, private bars and food stalls and VIP toilets. You’re also in with the chance of mingling with celebs and other VIPs who are backstage. You can register your interest for VIP tickets on the Sincura website.

How to get Glastonbury 2023 tickets

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4.You can volunteer with Oxfam for Glastonbury 2023

One way to go to the festival that a lot of people don’t know about is through volunteering with Oxfam. With Oxfam, you can become a festival steward which involves helping the festival run smoothly, directing people through campsites or supporting accessible viewing platforms in the arena. Currently, you can only register your interest and applications will open in January 2023.

How to get Glastonbury 2023 tickets

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5. You can work actually at Glastonbury!

In the new year, departments begin recruiting temporary positions for Glastonbury so get your CV ready! JPS Event Consultancy provide onsite traffic services which includes vehicle chapersons, minibus and tractor divers. All of the roles are paid except drivers, which are work for a ticket to Glastonbury.

How to get Glastonbury 2023 tickets

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6. Get a job for an artist who is playing at Glasto

It’s probably easier said than done but get yourself a personal assistant job for an artist who is set to perform and you’re at the festival! Obviously, once the lineup is announced.

7. Get some cool friends who can add you to their hospitality list

If you’re lucky enough to have some friends who work in the media or the music industry, get ready to ask them really nicely if you can be added to their hospitality list. It’s all about networking!

8. If you fancy your luck, you could even try and sneak in

During Glastonbury 2022, a lot of people snuck into the festival successfully. So if you want to take the risk, you can sneak into the festival like these guys. Whether it’s hiding in the boot of a car or pretending to be working there, there’s a fair few ways to get away with it.

9. Ask a local farmer who has tickets to get you into the festival

There are local farmers and residents who can easily get tickets to Glastonbury due to living in the area. In the past, people who have been keen to attend the festival have asked local farmers with tickets to get them into the festival and it’s worked! Have faith and hope for the best.

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10. Buy a ticket off someone else who looks like you and is selling their ticket, and borrow their ID

Now, if somehow you manage to buy your ticket from somebody else who looks eerily similar to you, you could buy their ticket off them and borrow their ID to get into the festival. Last year, someone attempted to sneak in dressed as a woman in a wig and makeup with a big sunhat and glasses. No one knows if they managed to get in, but there is a chance they did!

11. Have a friend who lives near the site and sneak in

Similar to the local farmers, having a friend who lives in the Glastonbury area could be your best bet getting into the festival.

12. Or you know, just be an act on one of the Glasto stages x

This is all quite simple really. Find overnight fame on TikTok, release an album and maybe get invited!

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13. Work with a market trader going to Glastonbury 2023

Market traders who work at Glastonbury will need staff across the festival weekend, and a lot of them hire people they know. So, if you know a trader who goes to Glastonbury, get in touch with them as they get given a limited amount of passes for each stall.

14. Volunteer for a boutique camping businesses

If being a festival steward isn’t really your thing, you could volunteer with a tipi or boutique camping business who will be at the festival. One company who has been at the festival in the past is Hearthworks.

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