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Love Is Blind’s Colleen Reed has girlboss vibes, here’s what you need to know about her

She’s a ballet dancer and she will remind you about this every five minutes

The pod episodes in Love Is Blind season three have all officially dropped and Colleen is someone who sticks out like a sore thumb for all the right reasons. She has proved her icon status and quite frankly, I’m so obsessed with her. She radiates hot mess energy and for some reason won’t stop talking about the fact she’s a ballet dancer. Here’s everything you need to know about 26-year-old Colleen Reed from Love Is Blind season three.

Yes, Colleen Reed is an actual ballet dancer like she says on Love Is Blind

First and foremost yes, Colleen Reed from Love Is Blind is a professional ballet dancer. I mean, if she was lying it would be weird considering how many times she drills it into us and the men she dates. Colleen went to the University of Oklahoma to dance and found herself back in her hometown in Dallas where she still dances today. She’s also danced internationally in Barcelona, where she performed at Centre de Dansa de Catalunya Gala.

Colleen’s LinkedIn profile says she’s also a Senior Digital PR Strategist at Fractl. From her time studying at uni, Colleen was able to gain two degrees. One in Ballet Performance and another in Public Relations – very girlboss, very Shaina and Jessica.

She’s awful at flirting

This might seem mean but she literally said it herself. Colleen called herself “terrible” when it comes to flirting and gave us an example which was literally her asking if the guy would like an espresso martini – hell!

Colleen’s longest relationship lasted five years and she says she’s ready to meet the love of her life. In the pods we do see her have a connection with Cole Barnett but he was doubtful of her ability to have a deep connection so that ended pretty quickly.

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