Inside MAFS April’s boujie London life: Flying planes and living lavishly in £750k flat

Her sofa is bigger than my entire house

Even though Married at First Sight UK is over, the goss and the obsession doesn’t end when the credits of the episode stop rolling. A deep dive into the cast’s socials gives you a peek into the boujie lives they lived, both before the experiment and after. There’s a lot of the MAFS UK cast living lavish lives (Sophie’s family house I’m looking at you), but none more so than April Banbury.

Here’s everything you need to know about the boujie life of April from MAFS UK! If you’re of an envious nature, I’d suggest looking away now.

She’s a former Miss Great Britain (2020-2021)

April spoke a lot about being Miss Great Britain on MAFS UK, but her Instagram is an insight into the glamour and the events that come with the prestigious title like we didn’t get to see. There’s loads of posts of her at red carpet events and even more of her in gowns so flash they’d make RuPaul sacrifice a Victorian orphan to get his clutches on them.

She designs dresses professionally

April touched on this during the wedding week of MAFS UK, but she runs her own design company where she makes dresses professionally. April Banbury London is her brand, and she mostly caters for bespoke pageantry gowns – lending her expertise in the industry. She knows what the judges want!

She’s always at boujie events, like Paris Fashion Week and red carpets

Even before her tenure on MAFS UK, April was rocking up to the wildest red carpet events. She’s hit up Paris Fashion Week and the hotly anticipated red carpet of Pretty Woman the musical.

She takes professional flying lessons 

April is getting her pilot license, and frequently posts about her jet setting hobby. She flew the above plane from Rugby to Retford! She’ll be jetting me to New Zealand in no time.

Her London house is HUGE

The Sun reported that April’s London flat set her back a whopping £750,000. Her Insta shows it off a lot – great city views, a modern kitchen and a sofa bigger than my house and my future.

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