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Here’s how much the cast of Love Is Blind actually get paid for being in the show

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Love Is Blind season three is back on Netflix and already people are talking about whether the cast get paid for going on or not. Well, the truth is, the cast do get paid and you’ll probably be shook by the amount given the fact they have to spend the first ten days of the show talking to a literal wall in a pod. Anyway, here’s everything you need to know about how much the cast of Love Is Blind get paid and how a recent lawsuit helped to spill this information.

Do you get paid to go on Love Is Blind?

A lot of Netflix dating shows like Too Hot To Handle have big cash prizes but Love Is Blind doesn’t. However the cast do actually get paid to take part which is pretty wild. According to Us Weekly, a lawsuit filed by a season two contestant, Jeremy Hartwell, revealed in July 2022 that Netflix pays £885 per week and up to £7,080 for the length of the show.

Hartwell filed the lawsuit against Netflix and the show’s producers after claiming that working conditions were “inhumane.” He alleged he was deprived of food and water, and was encouraged to drink alcohol on an empty stomach. In the lawsuit he said: “The combination of sleep deprivation, isolation, lack of food, and an excess of alcohol all either required, enabled or encouraged by defendants contributed to inhumane working conditions and altered mental state for the cast.

“At times, defendants left members of the cast alone for hours at a time with no access to a phone, food, or any other type of contact with the outside world until they were required to return to working on the production.”

In a statement given to Variety, Kinetic Content said: “Mr Hartwell’s involvement in Season two of Love Is Blind lasted less than one week. Unfortunately, for Mr Hartwell, his journey ended early after he failed to develop a significant connection with any other participant. While we will not speculate as to his motives for filing the lawsuit, there is absolutely no merit to Mr. Hartwell’s allegations, and we will vigorously defend against his claims.”

The cast pay for their own weddings too

So Love Is Blind couples from season one also paid for the majority of their weddings. The production supplies some of the basics but they are real weddings so the couples fund them mainly. But what’s a wedding when you’re making £7k for the whole show??

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