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From a stripper to a social worker: The jobs of the Married at First Sight UK 2022 cast

A lot of them own their own businesses

Married at First Sight UK is the social experiment of all social experiments, with pairing complete strangers together in a marriage hoping they will go the distance. While some of the 2022 couples haven’t worked out, they were all living pretty well before they even starred on the show. So even if they weren’t lucky in finding the person to spend the rest of their lives with, at least they can go back to their very exciting careers. Here are all the jobs of the Married at First Sight UK 2022 cast, proving if they do end up single, they will still be alright:


Whitney is legal PA from St Albans. From pictures Whitney shares on social media, she lives in a pretty swanky house. Her home is decorated with sleek white walls and gold accents and from the peeks fans have seen on social media, she has a massive mirror in her bedroom which is surrounded with flowers.


Matt owns a successful barber shop in York and he has previously said the most rewarding part of his job is having deep and meaningful conversations with customers by giving them life advice and positivity.


29-year-old Chanita Stephenson is a social worker from Derby. So far it’s unknown as to whether she has gone back to her day job since starring on Married at First Sight UK.


Jordan is an account manager from Darlington. He was paired with Chanita in the experiment and honestly if they don’t stay together, it would have been a waste.


Stafford local Zoe works as a quantity surveyor and is said to be “dedicated” to her job.


Jenna runs her own business in Blackpool called Un-do Zero Waste Refill Eco Store, and as her jobs suggests she is a big advocate for saving the planet.


Adrian is a 37-year-old digital designer from Liverpool but now lives in Manchester. His job proves to be paying well as his Instagram is filled with lavish snaps of him on holiday in glamorous locations.


Thomas is a mental health care assistant from Liverpool. Tom has spoken about about his career on Married at First Sight UK, calling it “meaningful” and something he loves to do.


Johnathan is a 32-year-old carpenter from North Yorkshire. He was partnered with 26-year-old Sophie and although it seemed to be going well at first, things took a turn for the worst after a few comments he made.


Sophie was already very successful before joining the show and works in tech. After the show, she got straight back into her job and has been giving her followers on Instagram and insight into her day to day working life.

She recently said: “I am an advocate for women in tech and lifting up women in the workplace. I’ve been through a lot in a male-dominated industry and I’m looking forward to sharing my journey in the hope to help others get their dream jobs, build their confidence and even just resonate with some of the experiences I’ve had.”


Kasia is a business owner and she successfully runs a body contouring clinic. Before joining the show, she said: “I’m successful in a lot of other areas in my life and I’ve been through a lot, but the one area that I’m not successful in is my love life.”


Kwame is a motivational speaker and business consultant. He also has his own podcast and his Instagram is full of clips from it.


One career that shocked fans as it was never mentioned during the show is that Duka is actually a stripper. Duka is part of the UK Pleasure Boys where he performs under the name Apollo. He also has this job alongside being a recruitment HR coordinator.


Gemma owns a successful hair salon called Gem Rose Hair in Newton Abbot, Devon

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