Married at First Sight UK cast transformations

The wildest Married at First Sight UK 2022 cast transformations

I’m still not over how different Matt looks now


Married at First Sight UK 2022 has been a whirlwind of drama and fans wouldn’t have it any other way. While many of the couples have called it quits and left the experiment with their heads held high, there still remains the question of which couples actually made it through to the end and found happiness with one another. But before many of them took part in the experiment, a lot of the participants looked very different than how we see them on television now. Here are the biggest Married at First Sight UK 2022 cast transformations from before they were on the show:


One Married at First Sight UK contestant who has floored everybody with his transformation before he went on the show is Matt. The 32-year-old was part of the show’s brand new twist which saw two new couples join the experiment later on the season. In July 2022, Matt shared his own transformation in a before and after photo on Instagram and fans are shook. Whether it’s the lack of tattoos or the lip piercing, there is much to think about. Matt has since dropped his very talk about hair style on Married at First Sight UK and it looks so much better.

via Instagram @matt_b_murray


Not so much a major transformation but Adrian’s blue-haired buzz cut needs a mention. In a throwback photo from 2020 on Adrian’s Instagram, there is a photo of the MAFS UK star with really blue short hair, much different from the blonde curtains fans have come to grow and love.


Another Married at First Sight UK contestant fans are shocked by how different they used to look is Duka. In an unearthed YouTube video from five years ago, Duka shared with his followers how much he had changed.


It’s truly wild how a hair colour can make someone look so different. Gemma was partnered with Matt in the experiment but it all went downhill after he and Whitney decided to embark on their own romance. In a photo on her instagram from 2019, Gemma has floored fans with a complete different hair colour, which was nothing like her electric red hair fans are obsessed with now.

Gemma has since had her lip filler dissolved and has gone back to the short hair but it is still the amazing red colour we all know and love.

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Featured image credit via Instagram @matt_b_murray.