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Where are the iconic soloists from the Miami Boys Choir now?

I simply have to rewatch the video every time it’s on my FYP

If your For You Page isn’t filled with videos from the Miami Boys Choir then you’re doing TikTok all wrong. People on TikTok have become obsessed with the Miami Boys Choir thanks to old videos resurfacing of them singing their song Yerushalayim. The choir has been about since the 1970s and it all began with Yerachmiel Begun in Miami Beach, Florida.

The original TikTok video of Yerushalayim has accumulated over eight million views on TikTok and almost one million likes. TikTok users have been going crazy for the four main soloists who feature in the video, Yoshi Bender, C. Abramowitz, David Hershkowtiz and Binyamin Abramowitz.


🗣🗣🗣🗣 after 40+ years of performance excellence, here were 4 soloists who helped usher in big changes for the Miami Boys Choir – the beginning of the Gen-Z generation of MBC’s worldwide fans and followers (2008-2012) #vocals #solo #performance #israel #ישראל #מוסיקה #music #jewish

♬ original sound – Yerachmiel Begun and MBC

While TikTok has been obsessing over the choir, many users want to know what the boys are up to now, years after their iconic performance. Here is what the main four Miami Boys Choir soloists are up to now:

Binyamin Abramowitz

The Jewish Chronicle spoke to Binyamin who is now a medical student in New York and is currently a resident physician. From the looks of his Instagram he is happily married and I love that for him!

He said he can’t wrap his head around how many people are “appreciating and encouraging it”. He said: “The target audience for the choir really is a very niche, not even the whole Orthodox community, it’s a niche even within the Orthodox community, it wasn’t universally known.”

“People didn’t universally go to the concerts or hear all of the songs, that specific song Yerushalayim which as gone viral, most of my friends probably have never heard of it,” he said. Binyomin described the response and interaction with the video as “incredible”.

C. Abramowitz

C. Abramowitz is one of the other viral soloists in the video who is now studying to become a lawyer. He told The Jewish Chronicle: “I’m still taken aback by the fact that people were being exposed to this and really enjoying it, because our audience whenever we performed we always Orthodox Jews,” he said.

He is still singing today and is a member of an acapella group called the Maccabeats and it’s pretty iconic.


Once a Miami Boy, always a Miami Boy @miamiboyschoir

♬ original sound – The Maccabeats

David Hershkowtiz

David is the soloist everyone on TikTok can’t get enough of. Now 27 years old, David reminisced on joining the choir, saying it was an ongoing joke in his family. Speaking with Times of Israel, David said: “It was my dad’s longtime dream to have a child in the Miami Boys Choir, and he got three of them.” David and his two brothers all took part in the choir.

David is no longer singing in a boys choir but his vocals have continued on today.

Yoshi Bender

Yoshi is the first soloist who sings in the Yerushalayim videos and he has kept quiet since the video has gone viral and not much is known about what he is up to today. According to his Linkedin, Yoshi completed his Masters degree in accounting 2022 at Fairleigh Dickinson University.

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