Love Is Blind couple Danielle and Nick explain why they are getting divorced

Love Is Blind’s Danielle and Nick have finally explained why they are getting divorced

‘We were very amicable and civil at first but it’s been tough’

Since Love Is Blind season two aired and two couples successfully made it down the aisle and said “I do”, both have announced they are getting divorced. First Iyanna and Jarrette said they were breaking up, and then just a week later Love Is Blind stars Danielle and Nick were reported to be getting divorced too. Not a lot was said at the time, or during the After the Altar show, but now Danielle has explained what happened.

The divorce was first announced in August 2022, just over a year after their official wedding date. It was reported Danielle had filed for a divorce from Nick in Cook County Circuit Court in Illinois. At the time, neither Nick or Danielle commented, but Danielle has since spoken about how “tough” it has been for them both.

“We were very amicable and civil at first and that’s why people were confused with some of the back and forth that happened but going through the divorce process added even more stress and it’s tough on both of us,” she said on her Instagram story.

“When we decided to separate, it was a mutual decision. We talked about it [and it] wasn’t just a spur-of-the-moment thing, even though it seems like that. We tried really hard, and again, we were just like, ‘You know what? I think it is in our best interest and I need to get out of the what if mode because hindsight’s 20/20.’ It’s tough.”

Danielle also explained the reason she and Nick have ended their Love Is Blind marriage, saying them getting divorced is fundamentally down to them not being a good match. “It really did come down to just personality compatibility differences,” she added. “I think that’s what makes it even harder because you do live in this, at least for me, I kind of live in this state of denial where it’s like, ‘But we love each other.’ You can still love each other and still try your best to move on. It’s hard, it’s very hard.”

Nick added: “The last few weeks have been especially challenging for me. Like many of us going through a loss or life-altering event, we experience cycles of grief while we navigate our emotions. Everyone perceives and experiences grief differently when a relationship ends, let alone the loss of a marriage in the public eye.”

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