Modern Family transformations: Here’s how all the kids have changed since their first episode

The Dunphy glow-ups are almost as beautiful as the show itself

It’s been 13 years since Modern Family first aired and we started to fall in love with the three beloved, yet slightly dysfunctional families. You can watch the hit mockumentary on repeat and never get bored of seeing Phil trying but failing to be the “cool dad”, Cam being an absolute icon in every scene, or Jay’s emotional talking-heads at the end of each episode. But that’s what makes Modern Family so great, it makes you cry as much as it makes you laugh, which is why it’s so addictive.

With the final episode airing two years ago now, it’s given just enough time for our broken hearts to heal, but nothing can fully fill the void this show has left behind. However, seeing how grown up all the kids are now can help to let the show live on through their now fully adult lives. So here’s how all the kids have changed since their first episode:

Haley – Sarah Hyland

Sarah, who played the older sister of the Dunphy family has certainly changed a lot. Although she still has those enormous puppy-dog eyes and beautiful shiny hair, she has definitely grown up A LOT.

Sarah got married just last month. As scary as it is that one of the children from the three families is MARRIED, the photos from the wedding are giving us life. Many former Modern Family co-stars attended, and her on-screen uncle, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, actually officiated the wedding!

While she took a little break from acting, she assured us she wants to act and produce more in the future, and has since acted with Dylan Sprouse (yes, Zack from Suite Life), in My Fake Boyfriend on Prime. She has also co-founded and is the creative director of Source, a health and beauty company. 

Alex – Ariel Winter

I think we can all agree that the biggest transformation is the middle Dunphy child, Alex, played by Ariel Winter. Alex was a tom-boyish, studious younger sister to Hayley, who was the less-clever but more popular child. After finishing Modern Family she dyed her hair auburn to give herself a completely new look, and it’s definitely working for her.

Ariel Winter grew up on TV from the age of 11, and while incredibly grateful for the role, she has been open about the difficulties it brought with it. The show’s ending was immensely sad for the whole cast, but it gave Ariel an opportunity to finally branch out and find a space in the world that’s just hers, without Alex.

In 2017, towards the end of the show, Ariel began her pre-law degree at UCLA, eager to have knowledge in another field. While she is keen to carry on acting, it’s clear that she’s taken this time to find out who she really is, create a new look for herself, and enjoy being a young adult in the normal world for a while, embracing her personal life.

Luke – Nolan Gould

Luke, played by Nolan Gould, has also had a massive transformation. We know Luke as the not-so-clever younger Dunphy child, but now he’s absolutely ripped and a literal adult. While his Instagram suggests he’s definitely still a bit goofy, he’s definitely not a little kid anymore.

He has continued with a few acting roles in movies such as Camp and YES, but he has found a new love of writing during the recent lockdowns. He took a more political stance and wrote about how to be a white ally to the Black Lives Matter protests, and has continued to use his platform to support political movements. 

Manny – Rico Rodriguez  

Manny ditched the blouses and blazers for cool t-shirts and a chain. While Rico is still very much an older version of himself, he definitely looks different.

Similar to a lot of the kids on the show, Rico grew up on camera and it was his first acting role. But now his main focus since finishing has been enjoying having a personal life. He spends his time spoiling his dog and going to Houston Texan football games, which is a different hobby to ribbon dancing or poem writing.

Joe – Jeremy Maguire

Jeremy Maguire joined the show at the ripe age of four to play the role of Jay and Gloria’s son, Joe. Modern Family was his first role and he learned from the best with an incredible cast, and has since been cast in The Virgin of Highland Park. Little Joe doesn’t look completely different, but he’s ditched his long locks for a more stylish cut these days.

 Lily – Aubrey Anderson – Emmons

 Young Lily was just four when she started on Modern Family, and was only 13 when it finished.  She’s gone viral on TikTok over the last few years, with videos of her and her TV-show dads dancing together, her baking with her boyfriend (yes, she’s old enough for a boyfriend now?!), and for just generally shocking the world that little baby Lily is a grown teenager.

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