Where is Colby Ryan, Lori Vallow’s only surviving son now?

He said he was ‘broken’ over the death of his siblings

As Lori prepares for trial, where is Colby Ryan now?

In June 2020, he gave a touching tribute about his siblings

According to the New York Post, in a now private Instagram post Colby said he was “broken” over the deaths of his siblings. He wrote: “To my beautiful, amazing, sweet angels. The only peace I have is knowing you are in paradise. I’m broken over this. I have more love for both of you than you could ever know. I miss you both. I love you both. This seems like a nightmare. It seems unreal.”

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In September 2022, Colby Ryan was arrested after his estranged wife accused him of raping her at her home. He was jailed and charged with two counts of domestic violence sexual assault. The county attorney’s office dismissed the charges without prejudice which means there is an allowance for them to be filed again in the future.

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