Spencer Matthews slams Made in Chelsea as ‘scripted nonsense’

He isn’t the first cast member to say the same thing

Former reality TV star Spencer Matthews has branded Made in Chelsea as “scripted nonsense” on the latest episode of his and Vogue Williams’ podcast. Spencer was an OG on MIC which saw the launch of his career and his bad boy persona and he has since gotten married and had children, leaving his old tricks behind him. Despite Made in Chelsea being the show that quite literally made him, Spencer has not held back on his thoughts about it.

In the latest episode of his podcast with his wife Vogue Williams, she read out a letter from one of their listeners. The letter read: “I’ve loved Spencer from his acting days on MIC but love you just as much Vogue.”

The letter was very wholesome, but that did not hold Spencer back from making a dig about the television series. Spencer responded to the letter and said: “Another person who has noticed that MIC is scripted nonsense.”

Spencer Matthews is not the only person who has called out MIC for being fake. Fans recently noticed a major “Made in Chelsea fail” after spotting Julius talking to Digby with wet hair and within a second his hair had the perfect blow dry. It hasn’t just been fans who have noticed the fabrication of the show either. In 2016, MIC cast member Hugo Taylor admitted new seasons of the show are “completely fabricated”.

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