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Take a look inside the glam Instagram accounts of the Married at First Sight UK cast


So far the Married at First Sight UK weddings have gone well, despite one or two bumps in the road. Now the couples have been paired together and fans have all become increasingly jealous over their jaw dropping honeymoons, there is only one thing left to do and that is stalk their Instagram pages! It’s a must when it comes to reality TV to get a sense of personality from the people we only get to see a couple hours of in a week. But if we’re being honest, deep down it’s to see some behind the scenes pictures of their honeymoons.

To save searching for all of them one by one, have a look inside at the Instagram pages of all the current Married at First Sight UK cast members:

Adrian Sanderson

Adrian’s wedding was one of the first and he was partnered with Thomas by the experts. Prior to the show, Adrian’s Instagram was full over pictures from his travels to some really cool locations including Turkey, Vietnam and Sitges to name a few. If there is one thing to be agreed on, it’s Adrian being the best dressed cast member this season.

Thomas Hartley

Thomas has to be the most iconic cast member on the 2022 show. Whether it’s his sassy personality or hilarious one liners, he is ultimate the vibe and his Instagram pays homage to that. He mainly posts selfies of himself on his account and some iconic outfits too.

Duka Cav

Duka has not had the easiest ride in his marriage so far, but there may still be hope yet. He doesn’t have many posts on his account but he does have an impressive 22,000 followers already. Duka’s Instagram is mainly photos showing off his work in the gym and a rogue illustration of the iconic Dua Lipa.

Whitney Hughes

Legal PA Whitney may not be too keen on her husband but she lives a pretty exciting life from the looks of her Instagram which makes it seem she’ll be okay. Majority of her posts are of her in gorgeous outfits at events and restaurants as well holiday posts in the Caribbean and Dubai.

George Roberts

Despite being cheated on just days into his marriage, George seems to have it all going for him outside of the show. Whether he is sharing wholesome photos of him and his mum or with his children, George’s Instagram is exactly what you’d expect a dad’s Instagram to be like. If he was also a model and on reality TV.

April Banbury

Former Miss Great Britain, April Banbury, has the Instagram influencer vibe on lock. Whether she is posting selfies or photos at press events, April is living the dream. She literally got invited to Paris Fashion Week, does it really get much better than that? Here’s to hoping she and George clear things up and they can live the dream together.

Jordan Connelly

Jordan has to be the most wholesome groom on the Married at First Sight UK 2022 series by far. His and Chanita’s wedding was the cutest and honestly I wish them nothing but the absolute best. Jordan’s Instagram is your typical lads page, with pictures in the pub and pouty selfies to last a lifetime.

Chanita Stephenson

Chanita is the definition of good vibes. Her positive attitude and ray of sunshine smile just exudes best wife energy. She has a solid 16,000 followers on Instagram which is mainly filled with photos of her on nights out, on holiday or at festivals.

Kwame Badu

Kwame’s wedding was one of the latest fans saw on the show and his and Kasia’s relationship seems to be going strong. His Instagram is a mixture of videos of his podcast and videos of him talking about things. It’s cluttered theme gives me a headache.

Kasia London

Kasia is a woman who knows exactly what she wants and you have to applaud it. Her Instagram is a mixture of selfies and pictures from nights out and her at the gym.

Pjay Finch

Pjay’s Instagram is the stuff of dreams for some people. He is currently in the touring cast of Dreamboys and his Instagram page pays homage to that with tons of shirtless pictures.

Jess Potter

Although her wedding to Pjay did not go as planned, Jess has a pretty great life from the looks of her Instagram. So maybe if her and Pjay don’t end up together, it won’t be the end of the world. Her Instagram page is filled with selfies and snaps at festivals and on holiday living her best life.

Jenna Robinson

Jenna got married to Sophie, making them the first lesbian couple to get married on the UK show. The vegan business owner shares some very chic and vibey photos on her Instagram. I am drafting my friendship application right now.

Zoe Clifton

Zoe wed Jenna in the latest episode of Married at First Sight UK and her Instagram is so bare there isn’t much of a vibe to pick up on. She mainly shares wholesome pictures with her friends and family.

Lara Eyre

Lara is one of the eldest contestants on the show but as her Instagram bio suggests she is loving life. Her Instagram is filled with selfies and photos with her friends.

Richie Dews

Richie’s Instagram is exactly what you’d expect a musicians to look like. It is filled with pictures of him at gigs and events being an absolute rockstar.

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