Liz Truss Instagram

Just a deep dive into the absolute chaos that is Liz Truss’ Instagram

It’s even wilder than her attempt at running the country


It’s over – Liz Truss has resigned. She’ll be out of Number 10 in a matter of days, but lucky for us, her Instagram content lives on. I had a real stalk through her Instagram and let me tell you, it is utter CHAOS. From Halloween costumes to windswept beach pics, Liz shares snippets of her life to her 101k followers and they do not disappoint.

A scroll through her 500 posts will soon find the gold mine of posts throughout the years. So, when the fate of the country was in the hands of someone with an Instagram this chaotic, are we really surprised by her downfall? Here is a deep dive into Liz Truss’ wild Instagram posts:

Devil Liz

I wish this photo didn’t exist Liz, I really do. It’s been haunting me ever since I first saw it. It looks like it should belong in an Ann Summers catalogue circa 2003. The caption is also very weirdly cryptic. Naughty Liz.

Swiftie Liz

Liz’s obsession with Taylor Swift lives rent-free in my brain, I genuinely can’t compute that it’s real. Liz’s Instagram reveals that she is actually a massive swiftie and my favourite part of this selfie is that Taylor probably just thought Liz was someone’s mum getting a picture for her daughter.

Farmer Liz

Liz loves a good pun and farmer Liz is no exception with the hashtag #udderlydelicious. When you add your milk to your cereal in the morning just remember it might have been milked by farmer Liz. What a privilege.

Sporty Liz

Here we have Liz showing off her sick football skills. Chloe Kelly who? It is giving: trying to impress your fit PE teacher in year nine. Set one PE vibes.

Beach girl Liz

Liz is going for the classic windswept look here. She loves a good beach photoshoot as her Instagram shows lots of snaps of her by the sea. The checkered trousers are screaming New Look circa 2011.

Vampire Liz

I don’t know what’s scarier, Liz Truss as a vampire, or some of her cabinet’s opinions. Edward Cullen is quaking. I also think I might make #creepingitreal my new catchphrase.

Surfer girl Liz

Here we have Liz getting ready to ride some gnarly waves. Is someone gonna tell her you’re supposed to surf in the sea and not on the sand?

Liz X The Chase

Now, this is a crossover I never thought I’d see. This photo at the #itvsummerbash with The Beast from The Chase suggests Liz is a big fan of quiz shows. I wonder what her go-to pub quiz team name is?

Party Liz

Here we have party Liz with yet another pun caption. I’m not sure who decides to wear a suit to gay village but each to their own I guess.

Music video Liz

A very artsy shot from Liz here. This is what I thought I looked like looking out the window of my mum’s car when I was eight pretending I was in a music video.

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