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‘I’m unfollowing him right now’: A brief history of Amber Gill’s iconic Love Island feuds

Our chaotic queen!

Can we take a moment to appreciate Amber Gill? We could all take a leaf out of her book: Always sticking up for herself, never shying away from tough conversations and constantly standing up for what’s right. A true queen.

She’s found herself at the centre of a few Love Island-related feuds since winning the series in 2019. From Jake “King of Rattan” Cornish to Luca Bish and beyond, here are all of her iconic online arguments:

When she exposed Brett Staniland for leaving a nasty anonymous comment

brett amber feuds

Photo via Instagram @twinbrett

Brett – everyone’s sustainability king – made a horrific dig at Amber’s body back in August, suggesting she’d had a bum lift, or BBL. Amber posted a “questions” box on her Instagram story, in which she received a seemingly anonymous comment reading: “When you try and do backstroke does your BBL flip you around like a life jacket?”

Amber did the unthinkable, posting the “question” on her story and outing Brett for asking it. More iconic than Coleen vs. Rebekah, if you ask me.

“Did you forget to use your burner account??? @twinbrett,” she said. “I’m going to bulk order from a fast fashion brand and wear it all at once now you said that you little twat.”

Simply legendary.

She called Greg O’Shea ‘negative’ after a snarky Twitter reply

Amber and Greg won 2019’s series of Love Island together, before their relationship – and later, friendship, swiftly broke down. One year later, Amber tweeted to mark the anniversary of her win. “Can you believe it’s been one whole year since I won Love Island?” she said.

Seemingly feeling left out, Greg left a shady reply, simply saying “congrats.”

A direct response from Amber was never fired off – although, she did tweet indirectly a couple of days after the reply blew up. “When people are unhappy within themselves they interpret everything as bitter and shade-throwing,” she said. “Let them misinterpret, they cannot comprehend someone being unproblematic and unbothered. We don’t need any more negativity in 2020 let them be on their bullshit.”

That time Claudia Bish ‘came on her live’ to defend Luca

amber gill love island feuds

Photo via ITV2

A bit more recently, Amber took a particular dislike to this year’s Islander Luca Bish. She aired her opinions amid the bullying scandal involving Luca, Dami Hope and Tasha Ghouri: “Luca and Dami have turned this season into Bully Island and have sucked all the fun out of it,” she said. “It’s just uncomfortable to watch.”

Claudia Bish, Luca’s sister, who was running his social media accounts at time, tuned into one of Amber’s Instagram lives to call her out.

Amber responded on Twitter afterwards: “Luca’s sister came on my live?? I don’t why cos I’d say exactly the same regardless of anything. I’d say it to his face too xxx.”

She continued: “It was really sad because after her comments on my live people started sending me death threats so it’s just a vicious circle you can’t control crazy people wanting to hate I understand she’s upset and I hate that but all my tweets are comedy only.

“I gave his family no stick. She came onto my live when I wasn’t even talking about Love Island. They shouldn’t look at my tweets as it’s all hyperbole that’s my sense of humour I don’t genuinely dislike anyone on the show and it’s never that deep.”

She unfollowed Anton Danyluk during an interview

According to Closer, fellow 2019 Islander Anton said he wasn’t in touch with anyone from his series, except Anna Vakili. He reckons, “people come off the show, get their blue tick, get their million followers and go so far up their arses it’s unbelievable. It’s quite sad but at the same time I always appreciate the journey I had with the people in there.”

In an interview with the magazine, Amber said “I’m going to unfollow him right now.”

Amber called Jake Cornish a garden furniture salesman

amber gill jake cornish

Fresh off the back of his new Creative Designer contract for Rattan garden furniture, 2021’s Jake Cornish decided to dig at Amber over her appearance on Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins.

“Loving this SAS who dares win with a certain someone getting beasted,” his tweet read.

She clapped back shortly afterwards, saying: “I was getting paid while you were *checks notes* selling garden furniture. Glad ur tuning in tho to watch me do something nobody is asking you to do.”

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