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Amber Gill and Jake Cornish got into a *huge* Twitter fight, and it looks like she won

‘I was getting paid while you were selling furniture’

It’s official, Amber Gill takes ZERO prisoners, so don’t ever come for her online.

The Love Island star got into a Twitter scrap with fellow former Islander, Jake Cornish, after he made a snide comment about her appearance on Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins. And, let’s be honest, we know who came out winning.

Amber had been struggling on the first episode of SAS, which aired on Sunday (4th September). According to Metro, she broke down in tears after being forced to complete a set of 20 push-ups, as punishment for failing to top up all her water bottles during a task.

jake cornish

Jake, who left the villa alongside Liberty Poole in Love Island series seven, seemingly made a dig at Amber having a hard time. “Loving this SAS who dares win with a certain someone getting beasted,” his tweet read.

It wasn’t long before people started clapping back at him, with one user saying: “She lives rent free in your head Jakey.”

Another person said, “he is not okay, irrelevant rat-tat man,” referring to Jake’s new job as Creative Director for Rattan garden furniture.

amber gill jake cornish

This didn’t go unnoticed by Amber herself, who also sent a (very pointed) indirect tweet. “I was getting paid while you were *checks notes* selling garden furniture,” she said. “Glad ur tuning in tho to watch me do something nobody is asking you to do.”

While some were on Amber’s side throughout the spat, others were unimpressed with her mocking Jake’s job.

“Imagine being a mental health ambassador, coming from a show where people have taken their own lives, to now publicly slagging not just an individual but anyone who is in that line of work,” one person replied. “How insensitive can you get?”

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