I Came By ending explained: Ok, so what did that twist final scene mean?

I was on edge throughout this entire film

Netflix has released a new British thriller movie, I Came By, and after sitting on the edge of your seat watching it for nearly two hours, there are a few question marks during the ending which you might feel need to be further explained.

The film follows Toby, a graffiti writer, who breaks into and tags the houses of London’s elite alongside his mate, Jay. Jay finds out his girlfriend is expecting, so he gives up the mission thinking it’s too risky. Alone, Toby decides the next victim is Sir Hector Blake, a well respected and connected judge in the area. When inside Hector’s extremely creepy but impressive home, Jay stumbles upon something very, very sinister.

From there, the film gets extremely tense, dark and wild. When I say it’s menacing, I really mean it. But what did *that* twist final scene mean? Here is the ending of I Came By on Netflix explained.

The ending of film I Came By on Netflix explained

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The ending of I Came By on Netflix broken down, and Sir Hector Blake’s motives explained

At the end, we discover Hector took Toby down to his creepy basement room and burned him in his kiln, before flushing his ashes down the toilet. He then killed his next victim, his masseuse Omid, in the same way. When Toby’s mum, Lizzie, found out too much, she was also killed by Hector.

With the police seeming to be closer than ever, Hector still believes he is above the law, and has moved to a new house. Having split with his girlfriend and seemingly lost a bit of his purpose, Jay decides to visit the house and there, makes a further discovery. In the new home, Hector still has his hidden door leading into a room to keep hostages, and there is a man in there.

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So, who is the man in the basement? Some people are questioning if the man in the basement is Ravi. Hector told Omid that growing up, his family had an Indian-Persian helper named Ravi. However, this can’t be the case as we saw a picture in Hector’s house of him and Ravi, and the ages of the two men wouldn’t add up – the man being held hostage in the new house was much, much younger than Ravi would be now. The man in the basement is a completely new prisoner, and all previous prisoners have been killed.

If you’re wondering what Hector’s motives are throughout the film, he gave an insight to Omid about what made him feel this hatred towards younger, lower class men. He told Omid that Ravi had been the one to find his mother after she died by suicide. Hector was then shipped off to boarding school, and felt his father had replaced him with Ravi. He described “hating” a boy growing up, described his “rage” and called Ravi a “peasant”.

The ending of film I Came By on Netflix explained

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At the end of the film, Jay has completed the mission. He’s tied up Hector, called the police, freed the latest prisoner, and even managed to graffiti “I Came By” on the wall, just for good measure. By the way the detective is smiling down to Hector when he looks all pathetic, we can rest assured knowing she’s not letting him get off lightly here.

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