Love in the Villa filming locations

Wait, was Netflix’s Love in the Villa actually filmed in Verona?

They literally had the holiday of a lifetime while they were working

The cliché and cringe romantic comedy Love in the Villa dropped on Netflix and fans have been wondering the same thing… was it actually filmed in Verona? The new film follows Julie, played by Kat Graham, who is obsessed with Romeo and Juliet and she plans a trip to Verona with her boyfriend who ends up dumping her before they are meant to go. Julie goes to Verona on her own and discovers the villa she is meant to be staying in has been doubled booked and she has to share it with Charlie, who is played by Tom Hopper.

As the pair go on adventures together, it makes you wonder was it all a lie and is it in actual fact just a very good set design or did they really get to experience to beauty of Verona? Here are all the filming locations in Netflix’s Love in the Villa:

The movie really did film at Verona Casa di Giulietta

The cast really filmed in the small courtyard where there is a statue of Juliet and the balcony from which she spoke to Romeo. Casa di Giulietta or better known as Juliet’s House is a gothic style 1300s house which is said to have inspired Shakespeare’s writing of Romeo and Juliet. You can visit the house and it is open to all tourists in Verona.

Love in the Villa filming locations

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Julie and Charlie’s picnic was filmed at Lake Garda

One of the most stunning Love in the Villa filming locations was at Lake Garda. After spending the day together, Julie and Charlie have a picnic at the famous lake and they watch the sunset. Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy and is halfway between Brescia and Verona. Producers Stephanie Slack and Margaret Huddleston said filming at Lake Garda “was pretty incredible”. They filmed at Torri del Benaco and Bardolino which is on the shoes of Lake Garda.

Love in the Villa filming locations

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Julie and Charlie’s arch bridge scene was filmed on the Ponte Pietra

Despite having a rocky relationship to begin with, Julie and Charlie did have some pretty spectacular moments together. The scene where they are walking over an arch bridge was filmed on the historic Ponte Pietra. The Ponte Pietra is the oldest bridge in Verona, and was originally built in 100 BC.

Love in the Villa filming locations

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The string of squares and streets were filmed in pretty famous Italian locations

Throughout the film, both Charlie and Julie are seen wandering through Piazzas and historic streets on their own and together in Verona and they are all gorgeous. The various scenes were filmed at Palazzo Barbieri in Piazza Bra in Central, Piazza delle Erbe, Piazzetta Sant’Eufemia, Piazza Francesco Viviani, Piazzetta San Giorgio, Piazza Brà Molinari and Piazzetta Santi Apostoli.

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