hot girl walk

It’s all over your TikTok For You Page right now, but what actually is a hot girl walk?

Have I been walking wrong this entire time???

If you’re a hot girl, which you definitely are, and go for a lot walks then you might be inadvertently hot girl walking without even knowing you are. The phrase has been all over everyone’s TikTok For You Pages recently but what actually is a hot girl walk?

I’m a girl and I love going for walks and getting myself out the house everyday, even if its just for a short walk down the street, as it really boosts my mood, and that is basically what a hot girl walk is all about.

What even is a hot girl walk?

The term was originally coined in 2021 by a girl called Mia on TikTok. In a video, she explains exactly what it is and emphasises that it is all about taking care of yourself from the inside out.


Reply to @666mjcksn666 follow to stay on non-toxic tik tok! There are a lot of new friends so this needed a redo #hotgirlwalk #fitness

♬ original sound – Mia

According to Mia, when embarking on a hot girl walk you can only think about three integral things: things you’re grateful for, how hot you are and your goals. And under no circumstances are you allowed to think about any sort of drama.

Mia encourages girls to not listen to music or podcasts while walking and instead “be alone with your thoughts”. She acknowledges that some days this might be hard but claims the benefits will be worth it.

Since Mia started the trend in 2021, a lot of people have taken it to be a weight loss technique but she stresses the origin of the hot girl walk was purely for internal change and mindfulness only. It’s not about looking hot, but feeling hot.


en route to the house for day 5

♬ pyramids – ✿

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