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So, is Netflix’s new teen crime drama Fakes actually based on a true story?

‘Some of this actually happened. But, like legally, we made it up’

Fakes is one of Netflix’s latest releases and people have quickly become obsessed with it, including me. The show follows best friends Zoe and Rebecca as they kind of inadvertently build a fake ID enterprise, selling to students at their school and in their town.

They quickly make a load of money but also get wrapped up in a lot of drama they really don’t want to be a part of, such as a mafia boss type character getting a whiff of their operation and wanting in on the action. It’s not long before the police catch on to their antics and the season ends with both Zoe and Rebecca being arrested.

All throughout the series, the episodes switch between Zoe and Rebecca’s view points and they each have a slightly different version of events, making them both unreliable narrators – it’s a GCSE English teacher’s wet dream.

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Whilst everyone is hooked on the show and its cliff hanger ending, people are also questioning whether the show is based on a true story. Every single episode of the show begins with the same disclaimer: “Some of this actually happened. But, like legally, we made it up.”

What is the true story that Fakes is based on?

Despite the disclaimer that is put at the start of every episode saying that some of the events in the show “actually happened”, it doesn’t seem that Fakes is really based on a true story.

The show was created, written and produced by a guy called David Turko, who even makes a cameo as an UberEats driver in one episode.

Whilst David hasn’t confirmed the show is based on any real events, he did say that he started writing the show years ago so who knows where he got his inspiration from. But for now we can assume the show is as the name suggests: fake.

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