Meet the famous cast of Netflix’s latest British thriller I Came By

Hugh Bonneville from Paddington is in it!!

Netflix’s I Came By is a British psychological thriller written and directed by award-winning filmmaker Babak Anvari and the cast is incredible. It features major actors like George MacKay, Kelly Macdonald and Hugh Bonneville, yes that’s the guy from Paddington 2!!

The film centres on two young graffiti artists who come across a dangerous situation when they make some discoveries about a recently retired judge. Things take a sinister turn and other characters go on to have important roles in the film. So here’s a rundown of the cast in Netflix’s latest movie thriller, I Came By.

George MacKay as Toby Nealy

I Came By Netflix

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Toby is the rebellious graffiti artist who tags the homes of rich, privileged people around London to make a statement about Britain’s elite. He’s angry with the world and with his best friend, Jay, who quits tagging after his girlfriend becomes pregnant. Toby’s first attempt as a solo tagger goes wrong and things turn deadly.

George MacKay has been acting since he was a child, however you’d probably recognise him as William Schofield in the World War One film 1917.

Percelle Ascott as Jay

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Jay is Toby’s best mate, when he finds out his girlfriend is pregnant he decides it’s too risky to continue tagging houses. Jay is put off even helping when Toby makes a grim discovery at Hector Blake’s house.

Percelle has been in a Netflix show before, he played Harry in The Innocents back in 2018.

Kelly Macdonald as Lizzie Nealey

I Came By cast

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Kelly plays Lizzie who is Toby’s mum, she works as a therapist for young people but struggles understanding her son and his anger. She’s grown tired of his disrespect and is annoyed at his inability to hold a job or help out at home.

Kelly Macdonald is known for playing Helena Ravenclaw in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part two. But equally she has been acting since 1996 and has been in iconic movies such as Nanny McPhee and she also voiced Princess Merida in Disney’s Brave. Her biggest thing to date though has got to be Line of Duty where played DCI Joanne Davidson. Jo was the daughter of Tommy Hunter who was killed in season two and she was the main person for the entire last season!!

Hugh Bonneville as Sir Hector Blake

I Came By cast

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Sir Hector Blake is a well-regarded judge who recently retired. He lives in a posh London neighbourhood and is the target of Toby’s vandalism. However Toby digs a little bit deeper and finds a very dark secret when breaking into Blake’s home.

Hugh Bonneville has been acting for years but his most famous film is arguably Paddington 2 in 2017 and of course Downton Abbey from 2010 until 2015.

Paddy Wallace as CID officer Jeff

Paddy will play the role of Jeff, a CID officer involved in the case throughout. There’s not much said about Paddy’s character however the actor is famous for appearing in ITV’s Coronation Street as Jude Appleton from December 2016 – 2019.

Varada Sethu as Naz

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Varada Sethus is a British-Indian actress from Newcastle, she plays the role of Naz. Naz is the pregnant girlfriend of Jay and she’s also a law student who thinks very highly of Sir Hector Blake – the film’s antagonist.

Prior to I Came By on Netflix, Varada has been in a number of British dramas like Doctor Foster and Russell T. Davies’ 2016 adaptation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream alongside Matt Lucas.

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