Love Is Blind’s Iyanna says she went to bed crying after announcing her divorce

She says the reaction from her followers was hurtful

Last month Iyanna McNeely and Jarrette Jones from Love Is Blind season two announced their divorce on Instagram. Iyanna has since been very candid about the aftermath of her post revealing she is in the process of splitting from her husband.

On the latest episode of her podcast, Feel in the Blank, she opened up about the reaction she received from fans after she and Jarrette announced their separation. She said the reaction of her followers’ was so hurtful it made her cry, Iyanna said: “I should’ve done what Jarrette did and turned off the comments to begin with. But I just couldn’t help myself, and by the end of that day, I went to sleep crying.”

Iyanna said the response was “overwhelming” and “people are so mean”. She continued: “It’s making assumptions about people that you don’t know. And then, still, the annoying part of basing their opinions on our combined screen time of a 10-episode show, and using whatever excuse that is to explain a year-and-a-half relationship. After that day, though, I learned my lesson. I turned off all my notifications and I’ve been fine every day since.”

She also spoke about her night out with her co-stars Danielle Ruhl and Deepti Vempati. She said: “I went out with the whole crew, this is good. I have friends now, a lot of support. It’s mainly just the criticism that’s annoying.”

When the news came out that Love Is Blind After the Altar is dropping, Iyanna posted it to her Instagram story and said: “Ready for this. Just so y’all can leave me alone. Let’s get it over with already and close this Love Is Blind chapter.”

Feature image via Netflix.

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