Drag Race UK four rumoured cast

Rounding up every queen rumoured to be cast on season four of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK

If even half of these are true, prepare to be gagged

Every year, the Nancy Drews of the RuPaul’s Drag Race fandom manage to do some expert sleuthing in order to try and predict what queens will be cast on the seasons of the franchise around the world. How do they do this? A combination of stalking the socials of up and coming names on the drag scene to see if anyone goes quiet for a while (phones aren’t allowed when queens are filming) and keeping their ear to the ground for any rumours on the street. Now that we’re due a new season of Drag Race UK (BBC has just confirmed it will be premiering on 22nd September) the rumour mill has drummed up the rumoured cast it thinks will be on there. Let’s meet them!

Disclaimer: All of these rumoured queens are just that, rumoured! Take this list with a pinch of salt until the official announcement, huntys!


Baby is a London queen rumoured to be in the cast of Drag Race UK season four. Her Instagram shows off her sickening performance and looks; this queen definitely knows how to put on a SHOW. She has also been involved in a recent campaign for Ann Summers!

Black Peppa

Black Peppa is a Birmingham queen who already has nearly 30,000 Instagram followers. Her drag is absolutely SICKENING. Calling herself the Caribbean Empress, Black Peppa has an Insta feed to die for and is an extremely talented dancer.

Cheddar Gorgeous

If this rumour is true, I will shake, cry and THROW UP! Cheddar Gorgeous is one of the biggest drag icons in the country – an absolute intellectual and a visionary artist. A Manchester legend and a queen who’s no stranger to the telly after starring in Channel 4’s unfairly short-lived Drag SOS, if Cheddar is on the season then the queens better get READY.

Copper Top

Copper Top is a queen from The Cotswolds now based in London. She calls herself “The Feel Good Ginger of Drag” and boasts strong singing and acting abilities. Potential Snatch Game threat if the season four rumoured cast Drag Race UK gossip is to be believed?

Dakota Femme

Dakota Femme is a trans femme queen (she/they pronouns) serving absolute BEAUTY – and if she’s on this season she’s going to devour the runway, for sure. She has been compared to supermodel Twiggy and is from West London.

Danny Beard

Danny Beard is a Scouser who now lives in Manchester – and honestly? One of the biggest non-Drag Race names in the country. If Danny is on the cast of season four, the queens better be worried because he is a PRO. You might recognise Danny from reaching the semi-finals of Britain’s Got Talent in 2016 – or for being on literally every Pride stage in the country yearly.

Jonbers Blonde

Northern Irish queen Jonbers Blonde is now based in London and is 22 years old. She describes herself as a DJ and her Insta is filled with pics of her dropping beats in sets – and she’s a fierce performer too.

Just May

Just May describes herself as “The world’s premier Geri Halliwell impersonator” in her Insta bio, which I’m sure is going down a storm after those pictures of Tory Halliwell with Nadine Dorries hit Twitter!

Le Fil

The next rumoured queen to be in the Drag Race UK season 4 cast is British-Chinese pop artist Le Fil, who’s based in London but was born in Huddersfield. Something tells me if he is cast on season four his verse on the girl group challenge is going to devour and leave no crumbs!

Pixie Polite

Brighton born Pixie Polite is also rumoured to be sashaying into season four. She is now based in London and describes herself as “polite by name, polite by nature.” Will she be able to break the infamous Brighton curse if the rumours are true?!

Sminty Drop

One of the biggest names on everybody’s lips in the UK drag scene is Sminty Drop – the Manchester queen who truly has everybody talking with her sickening aesthetic and performances. She’s in Gothy’s Haus of Kendoll and if she is in the cast I would put money on her getting to top three.


That face! South African queen Starlet now is Surrey based, and boasts over 72,000 followers on Instagram. Her looks are literally insane, just scroll through her feed. If this whole cast turns out to be true (and honestly, I’m dubious – the talent is off the charts and it feels too good to be real) then Drag Race UK season four is likely to be the best yet.

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Series 4 returns to BBC Three and BBC iPlayer on 22nd September at 9pm.

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