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An ode to the iconic mums of Married at First Sight UK, who make the show worth watching

Tom’s Scouse ma needs her own spin off as a matter of urgency

You’d be forgiven for not noticing, but Married at First Sight UK is back – perhaps not with a bang, but a slightly sickly and tedious whimper. It’s the same every year – overly sentimental relationship experts pontificating to a bunch of people picked for how likely they are to boot off at the altar than how well matched they are with their potential stranger suitor. But you know who truly hold this show together? The people that make all the nuisances and the worst voices from human beings you’ve ever had the misfortune to listen to in your life worthwhile in the end are the mums we meet along the way. The women whose jaws fall to the ground when their child tells them they’re about to marry someone they’ve never even met are the best TV this show has to offer. This is an ode to them – the mums shaped glue that keeps Married at First Sight UK afloat in 2022.

This iconic image and this iconic image alone

They always say that a picture speaks 1000 words. This one speaks at least double that. And none of them are good. A lot of worried words, a lot of confusion and a lot of eye roll. Timeless. The Tate is shaking right now that they don’t have this framed front and centre in an exhibition.

Tom’s Scouse ma

The icon I will be spending the entirety of this season in a chokehold with is Tom Hartley’s Scouse ma Helen, who managed to steal both the episode and the whole series last night in the space of about five zinging lines. I’ve lived in Liverpool for nearly eight years of my life and no one is more iconic than an iconic scouse queen who refuses to hold back. Helen is exactly that, and her Instagram is as iconic as her appearance on the show so far.

I’m actually dead.

You know how you get every single viewer on side? You call your son a “fucking knobhead” when he tells you he’s going to marry a stranger. It’s golden, and she’s iconic. Down to earth, loving and caring. Her Insta bio tells you ALL you need to know about this legend: “Scouse nan, social activist, LGBTQ ally, reality tv superfan.” The reasons I breathe, to be quite honest with you.

So many golden moments had everyone on Twitter declaring Helen was the breakout star of the season, and Tom’s dad was equally as funny.

Just a lovely family – friendly and warm and would do anything for anyone. Tom might have called his new husband both Clare Balding and H from Steps, but that’s not the point. His iconic mum asked Adrian’s mates where they were from and didn’t even stutter when they blanked her and she clapped back with a “Are yous not gonna say where yous are from?” Don’t stand for it, love!

The icing was on the cake when she shut down Adrian’s overly probing friend with a perfectly delivered “Do you work for Channel 4?” She annihilated the episode. Who cares if Tom’s marriage works out – his mum’s already made the whole process worth it.

Honourable mention: Angelina Joelle

Last year’s season was stolen by this prime moment of Harry Hill’s TV Burp gold: ANGELINA JOELLE. I have not said the word Jolie since. Angelina. Joelle. The actual brides and grooms could simply never.

The new season of Married at First Sight UK chock full of iconic mums continues on E4 Monday to Thursday at 9pm. Catch up on the season so far on All4 here

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