Omg! You can now get read receipts on your TikTok messages

Now you can tell if your best friend is really ignoring you or not

TikTok users have been reporting that they now have a DM read receipts feature on their app. Unfortunately, it seems as though only certain users have the feature and it is being rolled out as a tester. It is not known if the feature will be for everyone’s accounts or how long the feature will even be on the app for. But, if there is one thing people on TikTok have been wanting, it’s to see if their friends have really been watching or ignoring the TikTok videos they have been sending.

Not everyone has the feature, so here is a step by step guide to see if you do, and how you can turn them on and off:

To turn your read receipts on or off you need to tap on your profile in the bottom right of the app, tap the three line icon in the top right and tap settings and privacy. Once you’re in the settings and privacy section, tap privacy and then tap direct messages.

Once in the direct messages tab, there is a section bellow called message preferences. From there, tap the toggle icon next to read receipts to turn them on or off. According to TikTok, the other person will know when you read their message only when both users have their read receipts on.

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