She-Hulk Marvel Misogyny

She-Hulk getting ‘review bombed’ proves Marvel’s biggest problem is misogyny

IMDb was flooded with one star reviews from men over 30 before the first episode was even released

I pretty much loathe the Marvel Cinematic Universe, all things considered. To me, this juggernaut franchise that dominates the big and small screen monthly is a sea of mediocrity. It’s a universe where fan service reigns supreme, and important stuff like script quality, a plot that makes sense and general likability get swept under the carpet. Alas, despite my personal eye roll perspective of the MCU, it has undeniably cemented itself as one of the most prominent pop culture mainstays of recent years – and as a pop culture writer, I keep a watchful eye on what’s occurring – dabbling where I see fit. I enjoyed Black Widow, I loved Black Panther, I cherished WandaVision. She-Hulk: Attorney at Law was next on my hit list – thanks to its casting of Tatiana Maslany as Jennifer Walters / She-Hulk, one of the finest actresses working today in my opinion. First episode? Pretty good. The IMDb ratings? A horror show that has She-Hulk exposing the biggest problem for Marvel: Misogyny.

Review bombed

Before She-Hulk had even dropped its first episode, which came out yesterday (Thursday 18th August), the show found itself with over 100 one star reviews on IMDb from users. How they managed to watch an entire season of a TV show to rate it one star before Disney+ even released it is beyond me, but clearly since this demographic of white males that are over 30 know it all and are always right, we must take their word as gospel. Or bow to their every will!

To be honest, it’s deeply sad. Here’s the breakdown of reviews from IMDb – it really speaks for itself.

Some of the user reviews go into detail about how much they loathe this show they have never watched. One reads: “[Referring to a headline that called She-Hulk “horny”] This is the EXACT headline in Entertainment Weekly’s article about how ‘sex positive’ the show is. Um, Disney, have you forgotten who your target market is? How many billions of dollars would you have NOT made off of families if the Avengers were sexing it up?”

Another goes “If you can get past the 1995 SyFy channel effects, you are left with terrible writing and premise for a ‘show.’ The best argument against this show is how much the ‘critics’ and media are pushing it. Need I say more, spare your eyes and watch Iron Man again.”  Whilst I actually wholeheartedly agree that the visual effects are dismal, you don’t really have a pot to piss in if you’re encouraging people to sit through the pure hell of Iron Man which exists as nothing more than deeply obnoxious billionaire propaganda.

It’s giving incel

The men really are menning again, and She-Hulk is bringing out that Marvel misogyny. In one scene in She-Hulk, arguably the highlight of the episode and best written moment, Jennifer talks with Bruce about how she’s good at controlling her anger because she has to do it so often. “Here’s the thing, Bruce, I’m great at controlling my anger. I do it all the time. When I’m cat-called in the street. When incompetent men explain my own area of expertise to me. I do it pretty much every day, because if I don’t, I get called emotional, or difficult, or might just literally get murdered.” She’s right. Meanwhile, on Twitter:

A strong female character says she handles difficult men all the time and Marvel incels, who feel like these comic book characters are their property, hear “f*ck all men.”

It’s a wider issue than She-Hulk

This isn’t the first time this has happened and it won’t be the last. But if these men have any sense, which they don’t, it should be. I am not dying on the She-Hulk hill. It’s not the pinnacle of TV or anything revolutionary – but I can not sit by whilst people try and drag it for something that it’s not when they male fronted Marvel offerings emerge unscathed.

Drag MCU shows like She-Hulk and the rest of the Marvel films because they’re a bit naff and disposable, not because of your misogyny.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is available to stream on Disney+, with new episodes released every Thursday. 

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