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Only Drake and Josh themselves could get full marks on this obscure Nickelodeon quiz

House of Anubis hive rise up!

Not to be all *quirky* for no reason, but did anyone else just prefer the stranger side of Nickelodeon? Like, sure, iCarly and Victorious were fun. But, the real childhood memories come from staying up to watch the weird cartoons they used to show late at night.

Let me give you a reminder – Rugrats, Doug and The Wild Thornberrys were just SOME of the excellent, nostalgic shows Nick had to offer. But they also felt like a bit of a fever dream. I mean, a talking monkey? Talking babies? A cat with a dog’s head for a rear end? None of this makes any sense, let’s be honest. That being said, some of them were also just ridiculously bad – show me the person who found some high-pitched guy doing things around his garden hilarious, and I’ll show you the person with no taste.

Instead of debating which were old-but-gold and which were just plain stale, we should probably appreciate every one of these shows for the nostalgic value they truly hold. Each one takes me back to being nine years old and eating animal-shaped biscuits on my mum’s sofa.

The real question is, if you were asked, could you go back and name every single one of those shows? Would you be able to search within the depths of your core memories to uncover what these strange little series’ were called?

Well – plot twist. I am asking you. Because, frankly, only Drake and Josh themselves could get full marks on this obscure Nickelodeon quiz:

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