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Live: Everything happening this A-Level results day 2022, from chaos to cringe celeb tweets

It’s a big day

A-Level results day 2022 is finally here. The long-awaited day feels like the biggest deal in the world to any 18 year old, and you can bet it will be filled with loads of happy tears, chaos, and a lot of celebratory drinks.

This is The Tab’s A-Level results day 2022 live blog. Check back here for updates on A-Level results day, what’s happening with universities and clearing, and everything else that happens today. And be sure to follow The Tab on Instagram @thetab_ for all your uni’s gossip, news and top memes.

Here are all the live updates of everything that’s happening this A-Level results day 2022:

4pm – More cringe celeb tweets

Since Jeremy Clarkson’s annual results day tweet was released at 9am, even more celebs have been desperate to share the news that they got rubbish A-Level results (or no A-Levels at all) and have still done alright for themselves.

A screenshot seems to show a now-deleted tweet from Diary of a CEO host and Dragons’ Den star Steven Bartlett, saying he failed his exams but “attitude, hard work, people skills & kindness will trump straight As”.

Businessman and former Dragons’ Den star Theo Paphitis also waded in, saying he didn’t get the results he had wanted but “through hard work & passion” managed to find his “path”. He said: “Whether good results, or not as hoped, you’ll find your path. Often unexpected opportunities bring the greatest rewards”.

These twins are off to Oxford and Cambridge

A pair of twins are off to study at Oxford and Cambridge universities respectively, after receiving incred A-Level results. You and your siblings could simply never.

Reuben Meadows got three A*s, and secured a place to study geography at the Oxford. Whilst Reuben’s sister Martha has will be studying history and politics at the Cambridge, after achieving A*A*A.

Martha said: “Reuben and I were extremely happy and relieved that we both got an offer for our chosen courses. We’re looking forward to continuing our education at Oxbridge – albeit apart from each other.”

via SWNS

12pm – Almost half a million students off to university

Department for Education stats show almost 180,000 A-Level students have confirmed their place at their first choice of university. This is 20 per cent more than 2019, the last year A-Level exams were sat (with 2020 and 21 being different due to Covid).

Overall, a huge 425,830 students of all ages will be going onto university. Grades are lower than 2021, where due to Covid there wasn’t exams and grades were determined by teachers, but still over a third (36 per cent) of A-Level grades are A or A* this year. This proportion is higher than 2019, the last exam year, but lower than the 45 per cent in 2021.

The National Union of Students congratulated students but called for the government to ensure all students will have cost of living support. Bernie Savage, an NUS vice president, said: “Students worked for these results under the toughest studying conditions we’ve ever seen, and now their future is threatened by the cost-of-living crisis. Students are a cross-section of society – they’re of all ages; they’re workers, parents, carers, migrants, refugees – and they deserve a leg up right now.

“That’s why we’re calling on the government to ensure all students can access cost of living support, so that they can focus on what’s important: achieving their goals and gaining an education that will help them make the world a little better for us all.”

11am – A-Level results day stories are pouring in from around the country

Good news for thousands of A-Level students around the country. 18-year-old Zorian Tytych, who fled the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and has been studying physics, maths, chemistry and biology whilst living with a family in Caridff, has just got four As at A-Level and secured a place at Durham University.

In between studying for his exams, Zorian has been volunteering and helping Ukrainian refugees in Cardiff, “being a friend to them” and helping translate documents. He is also training to be a translator for the army.


via SWNS

And in London, Brampton Manor – which always gets insane A-Level results and rivals many private schools in terms of students getting in to top unis – had a great year once again, with a whopping 430 students receiving straight As and A*s.

There’s a whole load of freebies people collecting their results today can nab

From Nando’s to Pizza Express, there are loads of companies, both chains and independent, who are giving out great freebies to people who have just received their A-Level results. Check out a list here.

Clearing lines are OPEN

Loads of unis including many of the Russell Group universities are offering courses through clearing, but spaces are getting snapped up fast. You can find a list of all the Russell Group unis’ clearing hotline numbers here.

9.10am – Jeremy Clarkson does his annual smug tweet

Every single year on A-Level results day, Jeremy Clarkson does a cursed tweet reminding everyone that he didn’t get great grades but is still doing fine – and it seems 2022 is no exception. He always says he got a C and two Us in his A-Levels, accompanied by some kind of smug flex.

This year, he wrote: “Don’t worry if your A level results are disappointing. I got a C and 2 Us and I’m currently holidaying on this boat” – accompanied by a Below Deck-worthy picture of a boat and some beaut scenery.

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