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All the Islanders who have made it official since leaving Love Island 2022

Love is in the air!

The aim of Love Island is to ideally find the person of your dreams and have a summer like no other. Despite not everyone being able to find love in the villa, a fair few have managed to do just that and even became boyfriend and girlfriend for the entire nation to see unfold on TV. Indiyah and Dami made their relationship official on their final date and Tasha and Andrew became official after Tasha’s master plan to ask him out. However, there are some couples who left the villa hand in hand but are not necessarily in a relationship.

Here are all the Love Islanders who have gone official since leaving the villa:

Paige and Adam

Fifth place couple Paige Thorne and Adam Collard have recently confirmed they are now boyfriend and girlfriend after a whirlwind romance in the villa. When Adam joined the show for a second time he set his sights on Paige who was in a couple with Jacques at the time, that was until he left the villa and Adam and Paige began to crack on.

Speaking to On Demand Entertainment, Adam said: “The only time where we got to sit on the sofa. It was only us for the first time. I was like, ‘right, I need to ask you now because it’s not for anyone’s benefit, apart from mine and yours. I do really want you to be my girlfriend.’ I didn’t even ask her actually, I just told her. I just said, ‘Right, so this is a thing now, please.'” And who said romance was dead?

Paige and Adam’s relationship was the centre of drama following an Instagram live with Jacques and Luca who made sarcastic comments about the pair. Adam responded in the best way possible and said: “Humble in defeat our kid, chin up”.

Danica and Jamie

Danica and Jamie left the villa not long before the final and after weeks of constantly getting pied, Danica found her man. Speaking with OK!, Danica said: “The beauty salon is fully working. It’s all good, fully works. We’ve joked about ‘Ah, we’ll have such cute kids. Imagine if one day we got married and we met on Love Island’. We’re just taking every day as it comes.”

Jamie said: “There’s no need to rush it, we’ve got all the time in the world. When you start rushing things and putting pressure on, that’s when things start going wrong. So far, so good.”

Gemma and Luca

Love Islanders Gemma and Luca haven’t announced they are in a relationship yet but we’ll keep this updated when they eventually make things official.

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