Debunking the wild conspiracy that RuPaul is green screened into Drag Race Down Under

‘I know for a fact he was there, because I smelt him’

One of the biggest talking points of Drag Race Down Under is actually not the queens, the competition or the persistent chanting of “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie – Oi, oi, oi”… It’s whether RuPaul Charles is actually bloody there or not. Since season one, a conspiracy theory has raged on in the deepest and darkest depths of the Drag Race online fandom world that Mama Ru herself has never actually crossed the pond down under and is instead undertaking hosting duties via green screen. It sounds farfetched, but there’s a good case to be made, and some will not know peace until they see RuPaul touch a queen with her cold, bare hands. Here’s the latest rumours about RuPaul getting green screened into Drag Race Down Under season two that are circulating on Twitter.

Bussy Queen came with evidence

RuPaul started Drag Race Down Under making a joke about the green screened in rumours, and decided to clear it up once and for all by slapping a season two doll across the face. Spankie Jackson volunteered – but of course, no one ever saw hand hit cheek. YouTubing recap legend Bussy Queen, known for her videos on the franchise, continued the conspiracy on Twitter yesterday with some incriminating stills.

In this image from the last episode, the lights reflecting in Ru’s glasses don’t match up to where the queens are stood when Ru is addressing them and prepping them for the maxi challenge.

This was quick to be debunked from queens from Drag Race Down Under, though, who undid the magic of TV with some home truths. Season one queen Etcetera Etcetera said this was because “When we film that bit, he always faces the cameras, not us. I know for a fact he was there, because I smelt him.”

Okay, okay, this is all well and good. And seems legit. But as Bussy Queen goes on to post, EXPLAIN THIS!

You cannot tell me that is not someone hovering.

Bussy Queen denounces her theory – ish

Blink twice if you need help!

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Featured image courtesy of World of Wonder.

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