Molly-Mae’s sister says she nearly turned against her after believing mean comments online

‘I would not wish that on my own worst enemy’

Molly-Mae Hague’s sister has spoken out about what it’s like dealing with her sister’s fame and how she almost turned against her.

26-year-old Zoe has a very different life compared to her sister but she has revealed the impact trolls have on her life.

Molly-Mae is the CEO of PrettyLittleThing and her older sister Zoe works for the military medical corps.

In a recent YouTube video Zoe says she searches her sister’s name in order to protect Molly-Mae from seeing the comments herself. However at one point it got so bad that she almost turned on her own sister and began to believe the comments she read online.

She says: “Me being like I am, I was constantly reading stuff and I was getting super upset by things. It’s so bizarre because I remember at one point almost turning against her myself and believing what other people were tweeting about her. It was such a weird time. I would not wish that on my own worst enemy.”

Zoe previously offered advice to new Islanders going into the villa. She says: “Advice to family, friends and people running accounts of the new Islanders this year. Nothing you do will make any difference to the things you will read. All I can say is every time you go to search your loved ones name on Twitter, join a Love Island banter group on Facebook, or search for articles about them, please think twice as it’s possibly the worst thing to do. You know the person better than anyone, people will have opinions, say vile things, the show will edit it to make them come across in a certain way. It will be extremely hard having no contact, however, what seems like the end of the world then will be forgotten about as soon as they step out of the villa.”

In her video, Zoe says that since Molly-Mae became famous, she’s had people come up to her and ask for pictures when she’s with her boyfriend. She also says she isn’t jealous of her sister at all and she wouldn’t trade lives with Molly-Mae because of the pressure on her.

You can watch Zoe’s full YouTube video here.

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