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Here is where you recognise the cast of Netflix’s Purple Hearts from

Nicholas is also playing the lead in Red, White & Royal Blue!!!

Purple Hearts has taken Netflix by storm and has fans in a chokehold over Cassie Salazar and Luke Morrow. The movie follows the two who join together in a sham marriage for financial and insurance benefits. Some viewers have called out the movie for being military propaganda and dismissive of casual racism in the film. The Netflix original has gained a lot of fans and it’s mainly people obsessing over the chemistry between Sofia Carson and Nicholas Galitzine. But other than the two leads there is a cast full of talent that make up the film.

There are a lot of familiar faces in his Netflix original and some of them already have other really exciting projects coming up. Here is where you recognise the cast of Netflix’s Purple Hearts:

Sofia Carson – Cassie Salazar

Disney star Sofia Carson plays Cassie Salazar, one of the two main characters in Purple Hearts. Cassie is a “persistent” aspiring singer-songwriter with diabetes, struggling to pay for her medication. Sofia’s character “advocates for other marginalised communities and won’t compromise her beliefs.”

Sofia is known for her role in the Disney Channel original movies The Descendants and Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists. She is also one of the co-writers for the soundtrack of Purple Hearts.

Nicholas Galitzine – Luke Morrow

The “model all-American boy” is played by English actor Nicholas Galitzine. Luke enlists as a marine to prove himself to his father and begins to let his guard down when he meets Cassie, despite not always agreeing on her politics. His role in Purple Hearts has seen him gain millions of followers on Instagram.

Nicholas is well known for his role as Johnnie Blackwell in High Strung and starred in the Amazon original movie Cinderella alongside Camilla Cabello as Prince Robert. He is currently filming the movie adaptation of Red, White & Royal Blue, which is based on the novel of the same name.

Chosen Jacobs – Frankie

Cassie’s childhood friend Frankie is played by Chosen Jacobs. It is through Frankie that Cassie meets Luke, and the rest is history. Chosen is known for his role in the musical film Sneakerella and played young Mike Hanlon in the 2017 It movie.

Linden Ashby – Jacob Morrow Sr.

Luke’s estranged father Jacob is played by Linden Ashby, and the two have a “strained relationship” in the movie. Linden is known for his role as Johnny Cage in the 1995 film Mortal Kombat, and he also played the sheriff in MTV’s Teen Wolf.

Loren Escandon – Marisol Salazar

Marisol is Cassie’s mother who is always “cheering her on from the front row”. She is played by Loren Escandon, an AfroLatinx Colombian actress and producer. She starred in one episode of Selena: The Series and is well known for producing the 2022 film, Los Patines.

Anthony Ippolito – Johnno

Johnno is the drug dealer who Luke owes a lot of money to. Anthony is well known for his roles as 13-year-old Brenner in the 2015 Pixels movie and as George Wright in Netflix’s Grand Army.

Kat Cunning – Nora

Nora is one of Cassie’s best friends and bandmates, who was part of the group who partook in that rendition of Sweet Caroline in the film. Kat starred as Sabine in the Netflix show Trinkets and is also well known for playing Christina Fuego in HBO’s The Deuce.

Nicholas Duvernay – Armando

Armando is one of Luke’s military buddies who has an argument with Cassie after he makes a toast about “hunting down some goddamn Arabs”. Nicholas is well known for his role as Stench in HBO’s My Dead Dad.

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