Ekin-Su Love Island win

Ekin-Su winning Love Island is a victory for the girls, the gays and LoveOfHuns culture

We’ve reclaimed the show from the clutches of Fiat 500 Twitter and it feels so good

When the Love Island final came down to the top two, it was more than just a victory for either Ekin-Su and Davide or Gemma and Luca. These two couples represented so much more. Gemma and Luca represent everything Love Island naysayers roll their eyes at. In fact, they represent everything anyone worth listening to who watches and loves the show rolls their eyes at. The relationship embodiment of a PrettyLittleThing brand deal, their entire relationship unfolded with all the spice of a vanilla yoghurt after a season of discussing family values and muttering “elephant juice” to each other. Ekin-Su and Davide represent the antithesis of Luca and Gemma – and for the ever-increasing Love Island queer viewership, their win is nothing short of camp.


From the moment Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu strutted her way into that villa, humorously on the arm of Liam who she could easily eat alive with a glance, an icon was born. If you’re gay, queer or an ally who lives and breathes the kind of content @LoveOfHuns gifts us daily on social media, you knew that this bombshell was about to feed us. Others were more hesitant. In The Tab’s chats, no one really knew how to take Ekin-Su as she sat around the fire pit and awkwardly sang the theme to SpongeBob SquarePants for a little bit too long. But I knew. The gays knew. We always know.

From that proven-to-be-untrue that she “wasn’t there to make seasonal girlfriends”, Ekin-Su had the villa in a chokehold. They were unable to keep her legendary name out of their mouths. When you watch back her entrance and look at how the guys react, it says it all. Davide looked like the cat who got the cream, and Luca was declaring that she was “dangerous”. He soon would realise that she was indeed dangerous – she was coming for the win and he was threatened. Luca jumped at every chance he could to vote her least compatible. But Ekin-Su snatching that win ensured she had the last Love Island laugh over that little Bish.


And then we’ve got Davide. For a straight fella, entering the villa smarmily saying “Did somebody order an Italian snack?” jumps off the page not unlike an entrance line from RuPaul’s Drag Race. Davide is innately camp, whether he likes it or not. Bursting with melodrama, an overinflated sense of arrogance that never outweighs his silly charm, a ridiculous sense of humour and a lovable sexiness – he is the perfect choice of beau for God-Su.

Why? They always keep it exciting. They give the drama whether they even know it or whether it’s all calculated. Reality TV gold radiates off every spat, every kiss, every promise ring in the guise of a tiramisu. It’s the kind of turbulent relationship you can’t help but get wrapped in. From the hatred and venom Davide had towards her that softened into a reluctance to confess he was DEEPLY drawn to her, it’s been a hoot to watch.

This is for the girls, this one

Ekin-Su feels camp because she’s got the kind of personality that queer people gravitate towards and that the mainstream Love Island audience of Fiat 500 driving girls and cheeky Nando’s lads can’t get their heads round. Every word she says oozes drama and drama school energy. She’s a maximalist.

She’s someone who I imagine has been oft misunderstood. I can’t wait for her to leave the villa, 25k richer might I add, and see how much LGBTQ+ people have taken her into our hearts. She’s got the world at her feet, and Molly-Mae should be quaking that her girlboss empire is about to be usurped by a woman who’s played a serial killer in a Turkish soap and has released a pop bop. God-Su can take any industry by storm and she’s got an audience who are about to march behind her no matter what. A lot of people should be scared here!

The yassification of Love Island

Luca and Gemma beating Andrew and Tasha and Indiyah and Dami was a heart in our mouths victory. Both of the latter couples clearly have more genuine chemistry and love for each other, and it felt like regrettably we were destined for a tedious victory once again. I love Gemma, she’s an icon, but her journey with Luca is one we’ve seen so many times before. You can feel it radiate off them, especially Luca, how desperate they are to win.

But the gays voted en mass. We fought long and hard for an Ekin-Su and Davide supremacy, and we got it. And for a show that tells us that it’s “logistically difficult” for queer people to ever be a part of it, voting for Mother-Su to win feels like a victory we can influence. I sat with my flatmate last night, two gay men too old to give this much of a shite about who takes the prize of an ITV2 show, and when the winner was announced  we got on our feet and jumped about like the Lionesses had brought it home all over again. Ekin-Su has brought us unity, heart and iconic moments. She’s made my summer. This is for you Mother-Su, God-Su, Ekin-Su: The campest win in Love Island herstory.

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