Take a flight to memeville with these 21 reactions to Taylor Swift’s private jet usage

Honestly, these are comedy gold

If you spent any time on the internet at all this weekend you will have seen all the controversy surrounding Taylor Swift and her reported private jet usage. This came after a report from sustainability-driven digital marketing agency Yard found Taylor to be the celebrity who has created the most carbon emissions with her private jet. Whilst climate change is no laughing matter, as usual the good folk of Twitter saw this as an opportunity for some absolute meme gold.

A Taylor Swift spokesperson has since said: “Taylor’s jet is loaned out regularly to other individuals. To attribute most or all of these trips to her is blatantly incorrect”. So while Taylor is saying this isn’t true, that doesn’t make the memes any less funny and honestly, it’s the comic relief we all needed:

1. First is the worst

2. Rip

3. I’ll have a latte please x

4. Anything for Yorkshire Golds

5. Screaming

6. Let it burn

7. Like if you cry every time

8. It’s all making sense

9. One for the Swifties

10. Meow

11. Can you give me a lift?

12. Loooool

13. I screamed

14. Do you need a hand with that?

15. Just chilling x

16. I hate being grounded

17. Gives air dry a whole new meaning

18. Just running some errands

19. How nice of her to pop over to say hi

20. A humble queen

21. I hate it when that happens

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Featured image before edits via @taylorswift on Instagram.