These are all the desperate ways this year’s Islanders tried to get famous before the show

Adam was in Geordie Shore in 2016 !!!!

It is not unusual for Islanders to already be caught up in the web of social media fame before they’ve even entered the villa. Every year there always seems to be Islanders who know each other in some sort of way or are friends with other famous people.

Whatever their reasoning for going on the show, from clout chasing to actually wanting to find true love, most of the Islanders come out the other end being really well known and with a substantial Instagram following. And for some, this is all they wanted: the chance to make it as a social media influencer with the opportunity to bag some brand deals.

But did you know that some of this year’s contestants actually tried to find fame before going on Love Island? These are all the desperate ways this year’s Islanders tried to get famous before appearing on the show:

Antigoni Buxton was in a music video with Jack Fowler

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When Antigoni walked into the villa as a bombshell, it was said that Jack Fowler from the show’s fourth season in 2018 was her ex. After he left the villa, Jack started DJing and released a single called Foolish and Antigoni features in the music video!

Antigoni has also tried to make it as a musician before Love Island, having released 10 singles before even appearing on the show. Since she’s left the villa, she has returned back to her first love of music and has shared photos of her already back in the recording studio.

Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu starred on a Turkish soap and released music

Before the villa, Ekin-Su was an actress, appearing in a Turkish soap. The show is called North Star, First Love and in the scene that has emerged since she’s been in the villa, Ekin-Su can be seen on a beach, wearing a rather fetching head wrap, trying to break into a building with the show’s protagonist.

Ekin-Su didn’t just stop at acting as she’s also released music, all sung in Turkish. In 2018, she released a banger called Yeniden Başlasın which is available on Spotify and the music video has over 800,000 views on YouTube.

Remi Lambert tried to make it as a rapper

Before his stint in the video, Remi tried his hand at becoming a rapper releasing music since 2020 with his latest music video released in March 2022, just a few weeks before he entered the villa.

Remi even appeared (briefly) in an Aitch music video. The video for Aitch’s 2021 song Learning Curve sees Remi as an extra in the background playing a wedding guest, but he is only in a really short while so if you blink you might miss him.

Aitch himself had forgotten all about the Islander appearing in his video, posting to his Instagram a still of Remi in the video with the caption: “No fucking way. Only just clocked Remi was in this video.”

Indiyah Polack was in a music video

In 2020, Indiyah appeared in a music video for the song Want More by an artist called D2. Indiyah, of course, looks stunning and has her classic blonde streaks in her hair but she spends most of the video fanning herself with cash in a swanky car. It’s pretty cringe, tbh.

Adam Collard appeared in Goerdie Shore

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When Adam stepped foot in the 2022 villa, it wasn’t his first rodeo as he had already competed on the fourth season of the show back in 2018. This meant that Adam was already well known when he went back into the villa this year with a whopping 800k Instagram followers but he was clearly desperate to hit a million so headed back to Spain.

But before that even, Adam appeared very briefly in an episode of Geordie Shore in 2016. A baby-faced Adam was on a unsuspecting night out at a club when he gets practically cornered by Charlotte Crosby and Chloe Ferry and ends up in a three-way kiss with them.

Luca Bish has back to back dated influencers

via @lucabish on Instagram

Before partnering up with Michael Owen’s daughter Gemma on this years Love Island, Luca was no stranger to dating people who are well known in the public eye.

Luca was in a four year relationship with Sophie Floyd, a tattoo artist and influencer who has over 359,000 followers – they only broke up in January of this year. And just before entering the show, Luca briefly dated YouTuber Saffron Barker who has 2.5 million followers and competed on Strictly Come Dancing in 2019.

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