If the 2022 Love Islanders were Mr Men and Little Miss memes this is exactly who they’d be

Ekin-Su is clearly Little Miss Back Pain for carrying the series

I love Love Island. I spend two months of every summer inhaling all the excitement and drama. I’d be the first person to shut down any of the usual grumbling you get from some old uncle that it’s superficial or shallow. But, there’s no getting around it. You can perfectly encapsulate every Islander this year in one cartoon drawing from a 50-year-old series of children books.

The Mr Men and Little Miss characters have taken over social media over the past month. They are painfully accurate. Who hasn’t had some home truths exposed in your friends WhatsApp chat recently? It’s only fair we do the same for the Islanders. Here is what each Islander would be as a Mr Men and Little Miss character:

Ekin-Su – Little Miss Back Pain

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Ekin-Su deserves a pay-rise. Regardless of whether she wins with Davide and takes home the 50k, those producers better be giving her a separate cheque because she has carried this series. And with that money she won’t need to buy any fake Louis Vuitton from China. Ekin-Su is the real deal and will go down as one of the most talked about Islanders in the show’s history.

Davide – Mr Italian Snack

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I think Davide’s comic timing hasn’t got nearly enough credit this series. Maybe it’s the accent or the fact us Brits would be potentially less confident to say the things he says. Every single funny quote from this series has come from this man. Everyone remembers “Liar. Actress. Go the f**k out”. But what about when he interrupted Tasha’s argument with Andrew to remind her that “liar” is “his line”. Comedy gold.

Gemma – Little Miss Dependable

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I haven’t got a single bad thing to say about Gemma. It’s frightening how level-headed and aware she is for a 19-year-old. She’s always the first person the girls seek out for advice and she has an uncanny ability to see things rationally and offer strong guidance. Her talent agency will be in dreamland ready to pave her career when she comes out of the villa. She’s a fan favourite, she’s an OG but without ever having ruffled too many feathers. Molly-Mae stardom awaits.

Luca – Mr Boxer

Whether or not he’s punching with Gemma’s appearance is negligible and everyone will have their own opinion. What is clear is personality wise, he’s definitely punching with her. He’s four years older than her but’s got all the maturity of a 4-year-old.

Paige – Little Miss I’m Not Like The Other Girls

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Paige is such a “pick me” girl. The sickly sweet voice. “Hey hunny buns!” I know we only see a condensed hour of a day’s worth of action but I’ve seen enough side-eye from Paige and her reaction towards other girls to see there’s another side to the personality she puts on in front of boys.

Adam – Mr Calculating

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You’d be naive not to think the Islanders go on without thinking about the career opportunities afterwards but something about having an ex-Islander on seems to break the spell even further. I just can’t help thinking someone who’s been on the show, dealt with the after-show life and become an influencer will know exactly the right way to play the game.

He coupled up with Paige just as the public were rooting for her after how Jacques treated her. He’s said all the right things. He told her he was closing himself off to getting to know anyone else after a week. And low and behold, he’s in the final five couples. Does anyone else not think it’s all a bit calculated?

Indiyah – Little Miss Grade 8 Recorder

Enough said.

Dami – Mr Prove Us Wrong

The jury is out on Dami. It’s not that I don’t believe Dami and Indiyah’s relationship. I do, but I saw all that same chemistry before Casa Amor. I just don’t understand what happened in Casa Amor. If you can’t stay loyal to someone 300 metres down the road in another villa, how on earth do you survive in the real world? Can’t help thinking we are going to see two PR approved statements posted to their Instagram stories around November time saying they’ve broken up. Time to prove us wrong Dami.

Tasha – Little Miss Zero to Hero

The biggest character arc of the series hands down. You can’t not feel happy for her after how Luca and Dami treated her for so long. Add to that, her dad who has shared a lot of insight into how Tasha has had to adapt in the villa as a deaf contestant, the public seem to have completely flipped on their opinions of Tasha.

Andrew – Mr Beautician

Look he might be married off now, but no one will forget how much Andrew loves a trip to the salon.

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